Sajin Rajan
by on March 16, 2023
E-learning is a successful business model that lets people learn in a hassle-free process. An LMS is an essential feature in the e-learning business that helps learners to achieve this goal. Integrating eLearning with the MLM model lets their distributors be more engaged, and that automatically drives their business growth. To enhance the engagement of distributors, an eLearning model with a robust loyalty program is implemented.

As technology progresses, entrepreneurs try to adopt the latest trends and strategies to enhance their credibility. AI-powered LMS is the latest addition that combines artificial intelligence with an LMS platform to create an entirely personalized experience for learners. Unlike traditional LMS, it recommends courses and relevant topics based on what the learner needs or wants to know. Also, incorporating loyalty programs into this model allows businesses to enhance distributor and customer engagement.

Features of AI powered LMS :

CRM with live chat functionality

A CRM designed for the eLearning industry will help streamline the sales and customer support processes. The sequenced lead management system filters out quality leads, ensuring that companies spend time only on prospects who can convert into customers. Along with that, distributors can connect with their prospects by video calling, live chat, messaging, SMS, email, etc. Also, companies can analyze and measure the performance of their distributor courses, teams, etc with a full-featured dashboard.

Automated admin console

Each of the distributors is allocated courses depending upon their role. Tasks such as enrollment, course allocation, management, etc. can be automated. The platform also uploads courses that follow legal and regulatory compliance.
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