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by on March 18, 2023
Your cat might not be responsible for the marking you see near your home. There are some cases when outdoor cats get to enter the yard or vicinity, and that is where they spray. Do not worry because there is still time. You can take some precautions to prevent outdoor cats from entering your yard. However, consider the possibilities that your indoor cat may also decide to spray. Keep her away from possible spraying sites so she will not be tempted, and limit her interaction with outdoor cats. Keep the exits and entrances locked all the time.

If you have many cats at home, social interaction issues may arise. Immediately identify which cats do not get along together. Keep them separated as much as possible. Once they are ready, you can reintroduce them to one another. Let them interact like it’s their first time meeting each other. Just ensure that you still monitor them.

If your pet’s spray-marking behavior bothers you, it is a good idea to talk to your vet clinic Saginaw MI about it.
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