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by on March 20, 2023
In the research of PCB reverse engineering technology, PCB reverse engineering schematic diagram is obtained by reverse engineering according to the file diagram. Or directly depict the circuit diagram according to the product. The purpose is to explain the principle and working condition of PCB board. Moreover, this circuit diagram is also used to analyze the functional characteristics of the product itself. In the forward design, the development of general products should first carry out schematic design, and then PCB design according to the schematic diagram.

Both are used in PCB reverse engineering research to analyze the principle of the circuit board and product working characteristics. Or is re-used as a PCB design basis and basis in the forward design. PCB schematics have a special role. So, according to the document or physical, how to reverse engineering PCB schematic diagram, reverse engineering process should pay attention to those details?

PCB reverse schematic, also known as PCB file reverse schematic or PCB reverse schematic design. It refers to the reverse schematic diagram according to the PCB file or directly according to the PCB board schematic drawing.

China Shenzhen OROD set up a PCB reverse schematic technology team. We can provide the whole pcb reverse engineering services . Have new Clone PCB reverse design ideas and methods skills, can carry out high power integrity analysis, results verification, according to the exported technical documents reverse design out clear lines, reasonable layout schematic diagram.

Our PCB reverse schematic unfolds with the chip signal as a clue. That is, first identify the purpose of the chip, with experience, according to the signal process to mark the pin signal name. The function is divided into regions, and the BUS bus is never abused or the network name net1, net2 is marked throughout to express the connection relationship. We pay great attention to the correspondence between SCH Part encapsulated pins and physical pins. Pay attention to the accuracy of triode P/N polarity and EBC. Analysis and optimization layer by layer, adapt to conventional design ideas and visual habits, highly readable.

Master the basic framework, draw lessons from similar PCB schematic diagram:

Our engineers have mastered the framework and principle drawing of some basic electronic circuits. It can not only render the basic forms of some simple and classical unit circuits directly, but also form the overall framework of electronic circuits.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore that the same type of electronic products have a certain similarity in the schematic diagram. According to the accumulation of experience, engineers can make full use of similar circuit diagrams to carry out new electronic product schematic diagram for PCB reverse engineering analysis.

Schematic drawing is completed, but also through the test and check link to say the reverse design of PCB schematic diagram is over. The nominal values of components that are sensitive to PCB distribution parameters need to be checked for optimization. According to the PCB file diagram, the schematic diagram is compared and analyzed and checked to ensure that the schematic diagram is completely consistent with the file diagram.

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