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by on March 21, 2023
A man wants intercourse regardless of how a woman feels. So women look for information to help them understand how they could enjoy an act men insist on. This is not about a desire to enjoy sexual pleasure or a need to have an orgasm, this is about women's role in providing male gratification. Sex is hugely political. Discussions involve opinions (rather than facts) aimed at persuading people to behave in certain ways. Young women are targeted. Pornographic and exploitative images are readily available to everyone regardless of age at the click of a button. These images are often violent, humiliating and degrading to women. They send confusing messages to men on consent, personal boundaries and sexual pleasure. It is dangerous for anyone to immerse themselves constantly in fictional media. They inevitably lose the ability to differentiate between fiction and reality. Most people feel that it is inappropriate to talk about Pakistani escorts sexual matters in front of children as well as teenage girls. The embarrassment centres on the fantasies that men weave around female sexuality. In the same way, sex educators typically provide medical and biological facts but carefully avoid talking about sexual pleasure. Women are often offended by references to sexual pleasure because sexual activity tends to focus on male gratification.
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