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by on March 25, 2023
English Toy Spaniels are not as active as dog breeds that put on a show by flexing their muscles, agility, and endurance. Some dogs are physically active – running around, snooping, jumping, and playing every time. But English Toy Spaniels are rather laidback.

These dogs have low energy and do not call for daily exercise routines. However, remember that this case does not imply that these dogs do not need training. Know that training benefits not only the physical aspect of pets but the others as well, including mental, social, and emotional.

Is it easy to train English Toy Spaniels? Experts say these pups are docile and trainable. If you know the nature, traits, and features of this breed, you can easily design and employ techniques or strategies in training these dogs. Some households attest that housetraining Toy Spaniels is easy. In particular, you can easily train the pups to use a potty when defecating or urinating. Leash training can be challenging because these dogs do not enjoy being on a leash.

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