Sajin Rajan
by on April 10, 2023
In the past year, the direct sales industry has faced a lot of challenges. However most of the direct sales companies have surpassed these challenges and were able to make some innovations, and breakthroughs. Let's discuss some of them.

>>Technological innovations such as metaverse, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality contributed in transforming the direct sales industry. Now customers can virtually try on, experience and compare the products before they buy it. Avon, a popular cosmetic company in collaboration with Perfect Corp technology, launched an augmented reality makeup experience for customers. Similarly, Mary Kay launched Mirror Me, an augmented reality makeup platform where the customer's face is analyzed to provide them with a personalized skincare routine.

>> With metaverse technology, eXp World Holdings has created a platform for its distributors. This advanced metaverse technological platform lets their distributors have digital copies of their physical space and also an avatar system with customization options that exactly represents the distributor. According to McKinsey's latest study, metaverse encourages customers to enhance their engagement and most Americans are ready to adapt to it.

>> Companies such as Herbalife Nutrition, Mary Kay, Nu Skin Enterprises, Scentsy, and Melaleuca grabbed a position in the Forbes’ 2022 list of America’s best midsize employers list.

>> Arbonne International was honored with Sustainability Award for the conscious corporation, by the UK Direct Selling Association in its UK DSA Conference 2022.

>>Amway, the top direct selling company, was honored by Frost & Sullivan for their intelligent home water treatment system. Also, Amway has started an initiative with Holzapfel Effective Microbes to support people with incurable diseases related to microbiome dysfunction.
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