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Low Code Test Automation leverages the power of easy-to-use tools to enable developers/testers to automate the testing process with minimal coding knowledge.

With more involvement of business teams in the QA Ops, there was a need to have handy tools which required NO coding knowledge. That is when No-code test automation tools help.

No-code test automation involves using intuitive visual tools to enable business users to generate test cases with no coding knowledge. The test cases can be generated with the help of a visual interface.

Often, these terms are used interchangeably, but they are very different from each other in reality. The table below lists various aspects of differences between them.

Common benefits of Low-Code and No-Code test automation

As highlighted in the table in the previous section, both of them are cost-effective and efficient ways to improve quality while optimizing the testing process. They can be implemented quickly and can easily adapt to business needs. Here is a list of benefits that are common to Low-Code and No-Code Test Automation

These platforms bridge the gap between technical and business teams and help them collaborate better. The teams can now focus on the value and outcome of testing, leading to reduced test cycles and accelerated product delivery. However, it is vital to choose the right testing tools and services that can seamlessly integrate into the existing CI/CD pipeline and effectively automate testing with minimal or no human intervention. Read For more about : Low Code Test Automation

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