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by on April 19, 2023
Fencing is an essential component of modern architecture, whether it is a home, office, or public space. Security and safety are top priorities for any commercial property owner. Without the right security measures in place, commercial sites are vulnerable to vandalism, theft, and other criminal activities. Installing metal fencing in Barking is one of the best security measures that commercial property owners can take. (Information credit:
In this post, we will examine some benefits and metal fencing installation tips.
Strong and Durable:
Metal fencing is known for its strength and durability, making it an ideal option for commercial sites that require a high level of security. Unlike wood or vinyl fencing, metal fences are less likely to break, rot, or warp.
Low Maintenance:
Metal fences are relatively low maintenance when compared to other types of fencing. It only requires periodic cleaning to keep them looking new. It also saves money on repairs in the long run.
Customization Options:
Metal fences can be customized to meet the specific security needs of your commercial site. For example, you can have a fence designed with tighter mesh, higher posts, or razor wire to deter individuals from jumping over it, or electrified fencing to stop intruders in their tracks.
Aesthetically Pleasing:
Metal fences are available in different styles and colors, allowing you to choose the fence style that complements the architecture of your commercial site.
Increase Property Value:
A well-constructed metal fence can add value to your commercial property, as it is an excellent investment in the security of your site. Prospective tenants or buyers are more likely to consider your property as it provides a secure environment for their business operations.
Installation Process
1. Material Selection: Choosing the Right Metal Fencing Material
The first step in metal fencing installation is selecting the right material that suits your preferences and installation location. The most common metal fencing materials are steel, aluminum, and wrought iron. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.
2. Installation Location: Preparing the Fence Installation Site
Once you have decided on the metallic fence material, the next step is selecting the ideal installation location. The location should have a flat and even surface, and most importantly, it should meet the legal requirements for fencing installation. Additionally, consider the environmental conditions, such as land slope, weather patterns, and soil type, as they affect the fence's overall structural stability.
3. Fence Assembly: Following the Right Assembly Procedures
Fence assembly is a critical step in metal fencing installation. It requires attention to detail to ensure that the fence is properly assembled, level, and stable. The first step is to mark the fence post locations and then dig the post holes. The post depth and diameter should match the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure optimum strength. After placing the posts, the next step is to attach the rails to the posts, which depends on the fence style. Lastly, attach the fencing panels to the rails and ensure that everything is adequately aligned.
4. Post-Installation Maintenance: Maintaining the Fence in Top Condition
While metal fencing is durable and robust, it is still essential to maintain it for extended functionality. Post-installation maintenance varies depending on the material and environmental conditions. Hence, consult with the manufacturer's instructions on recommended maintenance procedures, including wood replacement, rust prevention, and painting.
5. Safety Precautions: Ensuring the Installer's Safety
Lastly, while installing metal fences, consider safety measures to prevent potential accidents or injuries. Safety measures may vary depending on the installation site and procedure, such as wearing protective gear, using proper equipment, and following safety procedures.
In Conclusion,
Metal fences provide commercial sites with an excellent security measure that offers a variety of benefits, including strength and durability, customization, low maintenance, and added property value. With a well-designed metal fence, you’ll not only protect your site but also provide aesthetic qualities to the overall exterior of the property. Security is a top priority for any commercial property owner, so if you're considering installing a fence, metal fencing should be at the top of your list. Get in touch with your trusted contractor, UK Fencing to create your ideal metal fencing in Barking today!
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