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by on May 7, 2023

Everything you do has some kind of impact on your health and well-being. Quite a lot of pressure, isn't it? That's why the smartest way to improve your health is to do so gradually. Integrate the following tips into your current lifestyle to start feeling better. 

Worried about your health? You can always try an at home blood test to see how things are holding up. It can be cheaper and more convenient than a visit to the doctor. 

More Movement 

More movement is better than less. A sedentary lifestyle is always improved by more movement, even if it means taking a 20-minute walk as a break from work. 

Standing up and walking around can improve blood flow throughout your body, and phasing in a workout routine will do wonders for you in general. It's not about changing your lifestyle abruptly but rather trying to incorporate more movement than you had before. 

Change Your Diet Slowly

Maybe your diet isn't perfect, but you're not ready to commit to salads every day for lunch. What to do? 

A sudden change in diet will come as a shock to your body, no matter who you are. Think about one meal that you can make healthier. Don't think of it as the start of a whole new die. Justt try to give your body what it needs right now. You're not committing to anything ambitious. 

A balanced meal with plenty of protein, fat, and carbohydrates is best. 

  • Protein should be lean and not fried
  • Get your fat from unprocessed foods, like cheese or an avocado 
  • Carbohydrates like pasta salad or a slice of whole-wheat bread are perfect 
  • Too much salt is bad, but so is too little. 500-700mg per meal is a good amount to aim for. 

These are general suggestions, and they might not be good for your situation. Consult with your doctor for more specific dietary advice. If you've noticed signs of diabetes, consider doing an insulin resistance test at home


Socializing is essential for brain health. Social activity has been shown to decrease the risk of dementia and improve neural connections, in addition to fortifying the immune system. 

As you engage in social stimulation, your digestion improves, giving your body more of what it needs from the food you eat. 

Unless you have a history of addiction, 1-2 alcoholic drinks won't do much harm, and they may improve your experience. Just don't go much further than that amount. 

Sleep Smarter

Everyone knows that sleep is important, but there are nights when it feels like the most unattainable thing in the world. One's attitude can go a long way to changing that. 

If your brain and body want to be awake, you won't fall asleep. Try to appease them with 30-60 minutes of engaging activity (nothing too strenuous or exciting), and then try to shut down again. Don't stay in bed if you've gone an hour without drifting off. 

Commit to a hard wake-up time every single morning. Sleeping in to “make up” for lost sleep only causes more problems. 

Don't get demoralized from an inability to sleep. Parents around the world are constantly losing sleep thanks to their children waking them up at night. If they can manage, then you can. There's always tomorrow night for trying again. 

The Takeaway

Too many people need to pay more attention to good health practices because it feels too hard or restricting. This is understandable. 

That's why you should make these suggestions work for you. If you try these things slowly and gradually, it can feel less like following strict rules and more like something you want to do. You'll be more likely to stick with them in the long term. 

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