Lloyd Maliner MD
by on June 9, 2023
As the son of a well-known otolaryngologist, Dr. Maliner grew up in Hollywood, Florida. His father was a doctor in Hollywood for 50 years, which made him want to become a doctor. After getting his physics degree from Union College in Schenectady, NY, he went to the University of South Florida and got his M.D. in 1990. Then, in 1998, as part of the Penn State programme, he finished his training in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Eventually, he moved back to South Florida and joined the Memorial Hospital System in 2002. However, for the past 10 years, he has been working in private practise.
Dr. Maliner knows a lot about caring for the spine and the brain. He helps people with brain problems like tumours and hydrocephalus. He knows how to operate on the Spinal Fracture Doctor In Florida for lumbar and spinal stiffness, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment , herniated discs, broken bones, and tumours. Dr. Maliner thinks of himself as a real minimally invasive surgeon because he not only works through small cuts but also does the least amount of surgery. His theory is to only do surgery when it is necessary and to do it with as little damage to the body as possible. This is called minimising unintended damage.
Dr. Maliner has three offices in Broward County, and he works at six hospitals. He is especially proud of and thankful for Jennifer, the manager, and Claudia, who work in his small but efficient bilingual office. They are known for being friendly and helpful, and they will make sure that your whole experience, from the first phone call to making appointments and going to the office, goes smoothly and is nice. Visit us online at
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