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Kingsport, Tennessee, June 8, 2023, Elaine Elizabeth Presley, also known as Liz, is one of Tennessee’s top 1% residents and a multi-award-winning businesswoman, philanthropist, and artist. She is the proud recipient of the "PGEA Outstanding Humanitarian Award", 2022, and "Memphis Businessperson of the Year", by Alignable, 2018, 2022, and 2023. 

Born in the UK, she graduated from high school and university in Tennessee. Attending Northeast State and American Intercontinental University. Presley’s parents, sister, and daughter are first-degree DNA descendants located in TN, MS, NY, and CA, with grandchildren in California, and other second-degree and beyond DNA families located in TN, the UK, and throughout the world. Presley is a descendant of American, English, German, French, and Cherokee heritage. 

Listed on 23 & Me DNA, Living DNA, and My Heritage DNA, with Ancestry DNA showing the DNA of Elaine and her mother Priscilla Presley through family and to her father through family and her Cherokee heritage with certificates of  DNA via DNA Consultants.  Family Tree DNA has her listed as a Presley in groups highlighted and supported by the Presley family. 

In addition, Elaine Elizabeth Presley has been recognized by the Federal Government via a 7-year federal investigation from 2020. At this time, the federal government did not recognize out-of-wedlock children; then, in 2022, the law was changed, and now they do, and they did recognize Elaine Elizabeth Presley, born out of the army in 1959, with secret files revealing her father's legal case with lawyers hired in the UK. 

She is an American singer/songwriter, actress, and author who lives in Tennessee, proudly supporting and protecting her family and legacy and running the Presley Foundation Inc. and L & L Presley LLC, both founded in Memphis, Tennessee, at her family’s home. Elaine is continuing her sisters' legacy by proudly making that commitment to keep Lisa Marie’s legacy alive and well and also introducing and signing into legal consideration the Lisa Marie Presley Forever Stamp. And watch out! This powerhouse of a business lady who has yet to lose a case is part of the Presley Battle to Protect Lisa Marie’s Legacy and Fortune by taking over some of Lisa Marie’s fights to win for Lisa.  

Elaine puts deep passion into everything she does, including delivering beautiful music and supporting others from her heart and soul. A spiritual lady with adoration for her fans, she wants people to listen to her music in hopes of bringing butterflies of love into their lives and regenerating the light within the soul. 

She has recently released a book about her true life’s story, entitled "Kid of the King." This autobiography is a must-read, the "#1 Best Seller in Teen and Young Adult Marriage and Divorce on Amazon," and was released worldwide in January 2021. 


She is also part of a historic mission to send her DNA to the moon soon. Mission One with the ULA Vulcan rocket, the Astrobotic lander, Elaine Elizabeth Presley’s DNA, and our partners at Arch Mission is getting closer to launch. And together, they are closer to the first off-world DNA seed bank on the Moon. 

You can get a personal or business celebrity video from Elaine through Memmo1. You can also listen to her music on Spotify or watch her videos on YouTube. 

For more information about Elaine Elizabeth Presley, please visit her official website at 

Elaine Elizabeth Presley offers no social media; however, her Facebook page is now run by fans and Facebook itself. 






Elaine Elizabeth Presley 

3764 Elvis Presley Blvd. 

Memphis, TN 38116 

423 367 7585 


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