Bentley Hurst
by on June 22, 2023
Some people say the property ladder is disappearing. Many first-time buyers are no longer satisfied with a flat or humble two-up, two-down starter home. Starting small has traditionally been the beginning for many on their property journey. There are some great advantages to this.
Typically, smaller mortgage repayments and a general perception that it’s easier. However, sometimes doing things a bit differently can make a lot more sense and skipping a few steps wherever you are on the ladder might not be as hard as you think.
Get to know the market
Getting to know the property market in your area and beyond is important. Sometimes a three-bedroom house may represent better value than a two-bedroom home or possibly be even cheaper. Many flats, for example, can cost more than smaller homes because they are in high demand.
Buy together
Buying your first property with your partner or a friend could mean you could save a bigger deposit and increase your budget. This could mean you could buy a larger first home, skipping the first few steps on the ladder. Then you may decide to rent any spare rooms.
Buy bigger in the first place
Many people who buy their first homes have well-established careers. Choosing to travel and enjoy life before settling down and perhaps buying a home a little later in life means their earnings and deposit are healthy. When this happens, many people will choose to buy what they can afford.
A more expensive home could be cheaper!
If your plan is to buy a smaller home and then move again to a bigger home later, save on moving costs and buy bigger in the first place. You will gain more equity in your home more rapidly as you pay off your mortgage and save on moving costs and other relocation expenses.
Add value
Perhaps you are already on the ladder, and you want to buy something a few steps further up. A great way to boost your equity is to add value to your home. The trick here is to not overspend, which is easier said than done. A new kitchen or simply painting and decorating can add value. Choose tasks you can do yourself to save on labour costs.
Broaden your search
A top tip for making your property pound go further is to simply broaden your search area. Do the research and find areas that are up and coming often; these will increase in value rapidly. Broaden your search criteria and get to know areas you might not have considered moving to. Talk to our local team of agents who have a wealth of knowledge to draw on and let us help find the right property to suit your needs.
Do you want to find the perfect property to help you skip a few steps on the property ladder? Get in touch to see how we can help you today!
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