Bentley Hurst
by on June 28, 2023
With Spring upon us, the UK has a lot to look forward to in the coming months. Longer days and warm weather aren't the only reason that April is known for being the best time of the year; it's also a great time to be looking to sell your home. In fact, March, April, May, and June are the most popular months for making a swift move, with the average home taking less time to sell.
More people move in the Spring
More UK property transactions are completed in the Spring than at any other time of the year, and it’s a pattern that repeats itself year after year! For example, in March 2022, the number of property transactions completed in the UK peaked at a massive 111,680. Other statistics show they were also recorded at 107,100 in April and 106,860 in May.*
A good year
Market conditions were a little bumpy in the UK towards the end of last year. The mini-budget that caused an air of uncertainty has been replaced by a fresh Spring breeze of stability. Sellers are bringing more choices to the market and buyers who delayed moving are finally starting to return. Traditionally, the market warms up at this time of year, but with the added element of pent-up demand and a more calm and realistic market, it promises to be a good year for the UK.
Strong demand with a stable 2023 market
The average price of property coming to the market rose by just £14 (+0.0%) from January to February to £362,452.** This is a stable figure and with demand still very strong, the market is now conducting itself in a manner that is healthy and vibrant. However, you no longer need to race to your dream home and offer more than the asking price! If anything, there may be scope for a little negotiation.
Inspiring and beautiful homes
With gardens coming on strong and flowers sprouting up to witness the longer evenings, Spring lends itself well to moving. It’s easier weather for all the practical parts of moving, and homes with all this splendour going on just look better. Many will have enjoyed a good Spring cleaning now that winter is over. Home improvements occupied many homeowners during the lockdown, so whether your budget is large or more modest, chances are you are in for inspiring viewings. Outdoor living spaces, work-from-home spaces, and interesting gardens are ripe for your ideas just in time for summer.
Summary: Springtime is the right time!
With so many beautiful homes looking good at this time of year and a buoyant market with some fresh pent-up demand, house prices are no longer rocketing out of control. Warmer, longer days and lighter evenings bring more homeowners out of hibernation, adding vibrancy and more choice to the property market. With no snow or cold to deal with, while hopefully finishing in time to enjoy the summer, it’s little wonder that so many homeowners choose Spring to move.
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