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by on August 10, 2023
Modern technology like the SumUp Solo with printer streamlines transactions and improves customer relations by fusing the functions of a payment terminal and a printer. Although this ground-breaking tool has transformed point-of-sale operations, a critical issue still has to be answered: which paper kinds or sizes are compatible with the SumUp Solo's built-in printer? Let's examine this important aspect and the choices that firms have.

Compatibility with Paper Is Important

The importance of paper compatibility must be understood before getting into the details. After successful transactions, the SumUp Solo with printer is designed to provide quick and easy receipt printing. The correct paper guarantees crisp, readable, and long-lasting receipts, improving customer satisfaction and upholding the company's image of professionalism.

Infrared Paper:

The SumUp Solo's built-in printer makes use of thermal printing technology. When choosing paper kinds, this is an essential issue to take into account. Heat may be applied to the surface of thermal paper to generate text and pictures on it. Heat is used by the SumUp Solo's printer instead of ink or ribbons to produce high-quality prints. Because of this, thermal paper is the best option for compatibility with the gadget.

Sizes of Compatible Paper

To meet a variety of printing requirements, the SumUp Solo's inbuilt printer offers a certain range of paper sizes. The SumUp Solo most often uses paper that is 2.25 inches (57mm) wide. This small format is ideal for printing brief receipts with payment confirmation, transaction information, and company data.

Length of Paper Roll

The length of the paper roll is another important factor in addition to breadth. The inbuilt printer on the SumUp Solo is capable of printing on rolls of paper that range in length from 15 to 30 meters. The number of transactions and how often printer paper has to be replaced determine the roll length. To reduce downtime, companies with large transaction volumes may use longer paper rolls.

Paper Quality

Although thermal paper is the suggested option, the paper's quality should not be disregarded. Receipts are guaranteed to be readable and fade-resistant using high-quality thermal paper. In order to ensure that the printer on the SumUp Solo operates at peak efficiency, companies should purchase paper from reliable vendors.


The SumUp Solo with printer revolutionizes the point-of-sale industry by combining the functions of credit card processing and receipt printing into a single device. The ease and inventiveness of the SumUp Solo with printer are still being embraced by enterprises. For enhancing the customer experience and simplifying processes, it will continue to be crucial to comprehend and choose the appropriate paper kinds and sizes. When used with the proper paper sizes and kinds, the SumUp Solo with printer really epitomizes the future of quick and easy transactions.
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