Fix-It Rite
by on August 19, 2023

Spring is just around the corner and that means we'll be using our air conditioners again if we haven't already. Didn't we close last week? Honestly, it can feel that way, and it probably does for your system.

Luckily, there's one way to get your air conditioner off to a great start for the winter season: maintenance. These services can do many good things for your system and your convenience that we think you should know about. In fact, we have 5 treatment facts that will help you decide whether or not to schedule treatment.

5 maintenance facts you need to know ahead of summer

That's the deal. The maintenance is good enough for you and your air conditioner. That's why we offer this service and maintenance plan to make annual maintenance even easier. But first, there are a few things you should probably know about what support entails and why it's so good.

Your air conditioner must be turned off for maintenance work 

You read that right. During a maintenance check, your air conditioner will not work. For this reason, we encourage Miami residents to do their spring maintenance inspection before the scorching summer hits in full force.

Support is pretty simple

Even if you have an air conditioning repair Sacramento appointment on a hotter-than-expected day, there's no need to worry. Unless your air conditioner is in dire need of repair, a maintenance check shouldn't take too long.

Support available

Service includes things like cleaning parts of your air conditioner, tightening loose parts, applying a lubricant if needed, and making some additional checks and adjustments. No additional labor or spare parts are required, keeping the service affordable, especially since you only have to do it once a year.

Maintenance saves time, money, and energy

Imagine if you knew there was something you could do for your convenience that would mean you spend less time and money on repairs while extending the use of your current system. The great thing about it: you don't have to dream it up, because maintenance does just that.

Maintenance can be done automatically

Remember that maintenance schedule we mentioned? If you decide to contact us and choose our maintenance plan, you will not only benefit from the complete setup of your system but also from planning support which will ensure that you never forget your annual check-up.

That's it, 5 facts you need to know about AC maintenance. And why should you know these facts? As mentioned, they can help you make these sometimes difficult decisions and when to perform maintenance. But the truth is, if you want an air conditioner that works efficiently, cools your home efficiently, and doesn't spend a lot of money, maintenance is definitely the service you should be looking for.

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