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by on August 23, 2023
The early summer months are traditionally a busy period for the UK property market. It’s a gorgeous time of year to view an abundance of beautiful properties. Many people are on the move. While it’s still a hive of activity with a huge choice of homes, the property market takes a little summer siesta as homeowners take a holiday. This gives you a chance to make your move. But don’t be fooled into thinking it will last for long, so if you want to take advantage of it, you need to be quick.
The summer property market is resilient
The summer market is vibrant, with the average new seller asking price falling by just £82 (-0.0%) in June to £372,812.* Despite the various challenges, including rising interest rates and the cost of living, the property market is resilient and in good shape. This change in prices is negligible in percentage terms, and a side-step can be a healthy pressure release that allows the property market to cool off.
View your ideal home from the beach
Sometimes getting away from it all can help bring about clarity of mind, which is very useful when you are making big decisions. Perhaps the beach or poolside is the perfect place to peruse your potential properties. And a good time to discuss your big move with your partner while you are away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Enjoy quieter roads to your new home
With schools closed for the summer, the roads become quieter, and you can drive to viewings with less stress. This means you can relax a little more and take a bit more time to enjoy your viewings. With an increased sense of calm, talk to your agent, who will expertly guide you through your potential new home and anything that helps you with your home move.
Leave your agent to sell your home while you take a holiday
Hop on a plane, boat, or if you’re jumping in the car to drive to your holiday, whatever you are doing if you have made the decision to sell, leave it with your agent and enjoy your holiday. Perhaps by the time you return, your house will be sold.
Make an offer with less competition
With fewer people around, you may be able to open the door to making an offer below the asking price and getting it accepted before others have even viewed the property in question.
It’s the perfect moving season
With more family members to assist your big move and longer, warmer days to enjoy once you are settled in, the summer is perhaps the best time of year to move. And you may be able to save some money on home removal costs with more hands to help. If you hire a removal company, you may find it easier to find the right help.
Enjoy your new home
When you have finally moved into your new home, you may still have time to make the most of it during the warmer months of the year, when utility bills are a little lower. Any outdoor improvements, from weeding the garden to adding to your outdoor spaces and simple maintenance, can become a joy rather than a chore. Take advantage of the summer holidays and find the home you love. Browse our properties.
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