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Los Angeles, California, United States The Black Bon Jovi, the renowned recording artist from Los Angeles, California, is geared to take on Ira Malcom, aka Flo Malcom, the notorious bully and a signed artist under Souljaboy, in an exhilarating celebrity boxing match. This match is not just a physical showdown but a resounding statement against bullying, echoing across the entertain-ment world and beyond.


This anticipated showdown will occur in the vibrant Las Vegas, Nevada. This event has sparked anticipation across the nation. Adding to the excitement, the match will be officiated by the es-teemed Wack 100, a special guest referee whose presence promises an electrifying atmosphere.


In an era marred by the impacts of bullying, The Black Bon Jovi, a prominent figure in the music industry, seizes this opportunity to make a difference. By stepping into the ring with Flo Malcom, The Black Bon Jovi sends a powerful message of empowerment and support to victims of bullying everywhere. It's not just a duel but a declaration that bullying will not be tolerated.


This event offers a chance for businesses and organizations to support a meaningful cause while gaining exceptional brand exposure. By becoming a sponsor, companies will align themselves with the powerful anti-bullying message propagated by The Black Bon Jovi. Sponsors will have the opportunity to reach a broad audience and showcase their commitment to social responsi-bility, positively impacting society.


The event has already garnered sponsorship from industry leaders such as Roc La, HotMusic365, The Corner Barbershop, Excuse Tequila, RTM Production, and Markima Official LLC, with more sponsors continually joining the cause.


Follow the Black Bon Jovi on Instagram: @theblackbonjovi


Follow Flo Malcom, The Bully, on Instagram: @flomalcom187


Follow Referee Wack 100 on Instagram: @wack100


For further details and event updates, please visit the official website: To get in touch for media inquiries and sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch with Diana Aussie at Stay tuned for the announcement of the match date, which promises to be an extraordinary experience for sports and anti-bullying advocates alike.


About Dominic Smith, The Black Bon Jovi:


Dominic Smith, known by his prominent stage name, The Black Bon Jovi, is a celebrated recording artist and a passionate advocate for cancer patients and their families. His alter ego, The Cancer Killa, symbolizes strength and resilience, and Dominic utilizes his platform to drive positive change.


About Hip Roc La:


Hip Roc La is a captivating TV show and a trailblazing entertainment company dedicated to nurturing emerging talents and producing dynamic events that capture the essence of all cultures.



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