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Listeners everywhere can tap into fresh indie sounds now atDa Indie Spot
ATLANTA, GEORGIA, SEPTEMBER 1, 2023 - Da Indie Spot has made its official debut, bringing a new podcast and 24/7 radio broadcast that introduces listeners around the
world with on-the-rise independent artists in multiple genres.
Da Indie Spot is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and hosted by writer, director, and star of ‘Blak Dynasty’ Miz. Desire Jackson. Together with her special guests, Jackson features some of the most jaw-dropping independent artists today. Da Indie Spot features a live 24/7 broadcast and utilizes Blog Talk Radio to interact with audience members while on the air. Listeners can delight in three daily shows. The Morning Show features early morning entertainment news and more. During the Afternoon Show, Da Indie Spot
listeners enjoy lively discussion for all ages. The Late Night Show on Da Indie Spot offers Miz. Desire herself in a fun, never boring nightcap.
Right now, listeners can go to Da Indie Spot’s website to see some of the indie artists highlighted on the broadcast. Da Indie Spot is open to musicians of all genres but tends to hone in on the musical prowess of minorities to encourage diversity.
Da Indie Spot is unique because it gives independent artists a lifeline for connecting and resonating with audiences around the world, and likewise, the broadcast gives listeners everywhere the rare opportunity to listen to music they might not be able to tap into locally. By cultivating artistry that’s
not necessarily mainstream, Jackson is inspiring a new generation of artists and audiences.
“This is a project I’m very passionate about,” said Jackson. “As an independent artist in my own rite, I completely understand the challenges indie musicians are facing. At Da Indie Spot, you’ll find everything you want in a radio broadcast - fresh new music, hot gossip, and everything in between.”
Learn more and listen now by visiting
Da Indie Spot is an Atlanta, Georgia, based music and talk radio broadcast.
Miz. Desire Jackson
Da Indie Spot
Phone: 561-484-9282
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