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by on September 25, 2023

What if your iPhone is frequently running out of charge or dying too often? It indicates the time to check your iPhone battery. Though iPhone batteries are designed to sustain 80% of their capacity even after 500 charging cycles. One cycle equals draining the battery to 0% and completely recharging the battery to 100% one single time. This can take any amount of time since you will not drain your battery to 0% and back up to 100% every single day. It may take a day, two days, or even longer to complete a battery cycle. But if your iPhone is slightly older or has gone through any physical damage, or any other malfunctions then it could affect the battery backup and overall performance of the device. A skilled technician is needed who would provide the service for iPhone Battery Replacement in Hyderabad, and make your iPhone run smoothly.

Let's know about the battery before looking for the problems:

iPhones run on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are known for high-energy-density, lightweight design, and rechargeable capabilities. They provide a good balance between power and size. Built with advanced features that compensate for poor battery health.

Here's a list of Battery capacity of different iPhone models:

iPhone - 1400 mAh

iPhone 3G - 1150 mAh

iPhone 3GS - 1200 mAh

iPhone 4 - 1420 mAh

iPhone 4s - 1432 mAh

iPhone 5 - 1440 mAh

iPhone 5c - 1510 mAh

iPhone 5s - 1560 mAh

iPhone 6 - 1810 mAh

iPhone 6s - 1715 mAh

iPhone 6s Plus - 2750 mAh

iPhone SE - 1624 mAh

iPhone 7 - 1960 mAh

iPhone 7 Plus - 2900 mAh

iPhone 8 - 1821 mAh

iPhone 8 Plus - 2961 mAh

iPhone X - 2716 mAh

iPhone XR - 2942 mAh

iPhone XS - 2658 mAh

iPhone XS Max - 3174 mAh

iPhone 11 - 3110 mAh

iPhone 11 Pro - 3046 mAh

iPhone 11 Pro Max - 3969 mAh

iPhone 12 mini - 2227 mAh

iPhone 12 - 2815 mAh

iPhone 12 Pro - 2815 mAh

iPhone 12 Pro Max - 3687 mAh

iPhone 13 mini - 2438 mAh

iPhone 13 - 3240 mAh

iPhone 13 Pro - 3095 mAh

iPhone 13 Pro Max - 4352 mAh

iPhone 14 - 3279 mAh

iPhone 14 Plus - 4324 mAh

iPhone 14 Pro - 3200 mAh

Reason to replace the iPhone battery:

Low Battery Backup:

Running background apps can consume energy even when they are not actively used. High screen brightness can drain the battery. Constant notifications and fetching emails. GPS navigation and location in the background. Poor WiFi signal. Frequent usage of power-intensive apps. Dynamic wallpapers. Some apps refresh their content in the background and drain the battery. Also, both hardware and software malfunctions can lead to low battery backup.

iPhone Battery has Bulged:

A bulged iPhone battery is typically caused by internal chemical reactions that produce gas and increase pressure inside the battery. It could happen due to - An old battery. Overheating. Physical damage. Poor quality or counterfeit battery. Manufacturing defects. It can be risky, stop using it immediately and seek professional help.

Random Reboot:

Some common causes for random reboots are- Software issues. Low battery. Hardware problems. Updates. Third-party apps. Troubleshooting tips to fix the issue, update iOS and apps. Reset settings, go to settings, and reset all settings. Check battery health, settings, battery, and battery health.

Random Switch Off:

Some major reasons why your iPhone is randomly switching off- Software bugs. Memory issues. Poor network. Third-party accessory interface. Background processes. It is better to contact Apple Support or visit the Apple Store to fix the issue.

iPhone not Switching On:

A few reasons could lead to your iPhone not switching on such as - Battery depletion. Faulty charger. Water or physical damage. Hardware or software glitches. Try troubleshooting by charging the device, check if any physical damage, try a hard reset, or connect it to iTunes for restoration.

Replacing the Battery on your own:

It could be possible to replace your iPhone Battery yourself, but it requires a certain level of expertise. Apple uses strong glue in their phone and there are different parts that you will have to remove to replace the battery. You may get the instructions as well as the kits needed for replacing the iPhone Repair. But there is a risk of your iPhone getting damaged while trying to replace the battery. It will absolutely void the warranty of your iPhone and can affect the integrity of the waterproof capabilities that Apple provides.

Even after trying the troubleshooting tips if still having issues, then it's better to look for an iPhone Battery Replacement in Hyderabad, to replace the iPhone Battery.

If your iPhone Battery is out of warranty, Apple has announced that it is increasing the price of out of warranty iPhone Battery replacement for all models older than iPhone 14. The price hike will only affect the users who don't have Applecare and Applecare + subscriptions.

Where to Replace Your iPhone Battery:

A local repair shop will likely be a cheaper way to go through. These local repair shops typically offer services at a much lower price than Apple or an authorized service provider. But you will get less guarantee of the outcome and it will forfeit Apple's warranty. Before visiting a local repair shop, check if they have adequate experience and even use genuine Apple parts.

The most convenient and reliable way to replace your iPhone Battery is to do it through Apple. Simply replace the old battery with a new one. But you would need a skilled technician who would swap out the old battery and insert a genuine one. Visit the nearest Apple Store and they will guide you to an authorized service provider.

In case if you live in a remote area where there are no authorized service providers available, then you can ship your iPhone directly to Apple for Battery replacement. It's a time-consuming process. Apple will replace the Battery and ship it back to you.

Get your iPhone Battery Replacement in Hyderabad, from qualified and skilled technicians to ensure the safety of your device. An authorized service provider having experienced technicians, who can equipped with portable tools and an ESD kit to replace your iPhone Battery within a given time.

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