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Online yoga teacher training is a new revolution. It offers the opportunity to take a 200-hour yoga teacher training course from teachers across the world without having to leave home. When choosing an online yoga teacher training it’s important to make sure that the program runs live sessions and has a sense of community. This is a key part to success as a yoga teacher. Inclusion Many yoga teachers have been taught a script that works best for slender bodies and people who are already flexible. But that doesn’t always work for everyone and can be isolating for bigger bodied students. Including Yoga Teacher Training for bigger bodies online instructors on the teaching schedule helps newer students feel at ease in their practice. It’s also helpful to build community between and among teachers and students. Introducing students by name and encouraging communication creates a sense of belonging that’s harder to find in fitness spaces. When choosing an online YTT program, look for one that recognizes yoga’s rich history and diverse perspectives. It’s also important to ask about a trainer’s background and experience with yoga. Find out if they have taken and completed their own training and whether or not they can demonstrate the knowledge and skills they are imparting on others. This will ensure the training is valid. It’s also a good idea to attend one of their classes before making a commitment. Accessibility In yoga classes where everyone's leaning forward and stretching into the same poses, it can feel isolating if you are the largest student in the room or need to use props. Luckily, yoga teachers are working hard to make their studios and classes more inclusive. When choosing a yoga teacher training, find one that has a good balance of theory and practice. "It's important that the program doesn't gloss over yoga's history and diverse perspectives," says Bondy. Look for a training that has a flexible schedule, with sessions held over video chat and Zoom. This allows people with work or family commitments to take part in the course, too. Also, make sure you aren't just being taught by a yoga instructor, but that there are also trainers on hand to help. A course with a large amount of live support can be especially helpful for students who are new to teaching. Ideally, these trainers will be able to offer constructive feedback and answer questions. Community In yoga teacher training, it's important to build community. That's especially true online. Look for a program that offers regular zoom or live sessions for you to interact with instructors. These are also great for getting feedback on your assignments and gaining support from others in the course. Oftentimes, images of yoga teachers send the message that yoga is for skinny people only. But many yoga teachers are bent on encouraging students who don't look like string beans or bend like pretzels to get in the studio and into a whole new mindset. Noah Maze is one of these yoga teachers. He has an extensive background in body mechanics and teaches his students to see the transformational power of yoga through the lens of anatomy. His online training is self-paced, but he keeps things moving with weekly zoom sessions where students hang out and learn from him and their peers. The program also covers topics such as embodied spirituality and the power of yoga as a healing tool for oppressive communities. Authenticity In a yoga world where pretty pictures are all over Instagram, it can be easy to forget that there is an entire history and philosophy behind the practice. Look for a school that respects yoga's rich history and offers diverse perspectives. Look for a school that incorporates real-world experiences and discussion on topics like racism, sexism, and body image, and is led by teachers with the right qualifications. This will make the training more meaningful, and more fun! Yoga Teacher Training is an intense experience. It can be hard, but it's also incredibly inspiring to be part of a community of students who are as dedicated and driven as you are to learn more and share yoga with the world. If you can find a course that feels right for you, it could transform your life! And you'll likely form an inseparable bond with the other people in your cohort. Who knows, you might even end up with lifelong friends!
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