Falcon Emergency
by on December 23, 2023

To make sure patients get the best medical evacuation service the team of the ambulance company should respond to their requests immediately to avoid delay or waiting time. With the motive to be available to help patients with quick, safe, and comfort-filled medical transportation Falcon Emergency Train Ambulance providing Train Ambulance in Patna is operating with a dedicated case managing team that can arrange the medical transportation within the shortest waiting time possible. We have been dedicated to arranging the best solution for the patients in times of critical emergency.

We present medical evacuation via state-of-the-art medical equipment inside the train compartments that are customized keeping in mind the necessities and urgent requirements of the patients. We have a team of efficient personnel to handle the arrangements related to the safe shifting of patients and allow the journey to get processed in a case-specific manner. The capability of the case managing team at Train Ambulance Services in Patna is to manage the requirements of the patients with effectiveness.

Falcon Emergency Train Ambulance Service in Kolkata Manages the Requirements of the Patients Effectively

Falcon Emergency Train Ambulance Services in Kolkata is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that guarantees medical transportation service filled with advanced facilities necessary for keeping the health of the patients stable until the journey concludes. We operate by mandating the protocols set by the medical authorities of our country and never lay any fatal consequences while transferring patients from one spot to another. Our skilled case managing staff is handling the logistics of medical evacuation service without causing any difficulties to the patients!

We at Train Ambulance in Kolkata have employed dedicated and certified paramedics who are capable of taking care of the patients all along the journey and offering them all possible medical support whenever required. Having been considered a trusted medical transport provider lets us take pride in our dedicated and patient-friendly medical evacuation service.

•             Booking can be done anytime

•             The helpline number is operational 24/7

•             Case managing team arranges medical transportation quickly

•             No delay caused while shifting patients

•             Bedside-to-bedside transfer offered

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