Falcon Emergency
by on February 10, 2024

Train ambulances came into existence when people started finding air ambulances too expensive for relocating a patient to a distant location and road ambulances tiring enough to complete the journey on time. Ever since the inception of Falcon Emergency Train Ambulance, we have been offering case-specific, risk-free, and safe Train Ambulance Service in Patna that allows the journey to be scheduled without any difficulties or casualties caused on the way. We utilize our effortlessness in delivering medical evacuation services via train ambulance which is available at a lower fare.

We choose trains that are known for reaching the source destination without being late and ensure the journey isn’t tiring or difficult. We then convert the AC coach of that train into an intensive care unit making sure the evacuation mission is effective and non risky for the patients. We are a privately owned medical transportation service provider that helps in shifting patients with stable medical conditions and never allows any complications to occur at any point of the process of transportation via Falcon Emergency Train Ambulance in Patna.

Falcon Emergency Train Ambulance in Ranchi is staffed with Trained Personnel to Offer Critical Care

             LIFE SUPPORT FACILITIES: - The compartments of Falcon Emergency Train Ambulance Service in Ranchi are equipped with life support facilities that make sure the journey to the opted destination doesn’t seem troublesome to the patients.

             CRITICAL CARE STAFF: - Our team members are certified in offering critical care services to patients to make sure they don’t feel any complications while travelling to and from the healthcare facility.

             AC COACHES: - We only make bookings in air-conditioned compartments so that the environment of the coach doesn’t seem to be discomforting for the patients and tends to be instrumental in relocating them safely.

             SKILLED CASE MANAGERS: - Our case managing staff is highly competent and takes into consideration every detail related to the necessities of the patients while composing the medical transportation service.

             ADVANCED EQUIPMENT: - The train compartments of Train Ambulance in Ranchi remain equipped with several life-saving gadgets and equipment including oxygen cylinders, transport ventilators, cardiac monitors, and SPO2 machines that help keep the health of the patients stable.

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