Payal Kapoor
by on April 10, 2024

Organizations that wish to maximize the value from their data, comply with regulations, and minimize risk need to ensure secure data processing. Fortunately, Intertrust offers data management technology that not only improves security but also increases the speed of insight.

A virtual representation of data is combined and processed securely according to the existing business rules. This creates an interoperable layer where analytics can be conducted on custom datasets, regardless of where the data is stored, eliminating the need for slow and costly data transfers.

A virtualized data layer offers secure data processing with comprehensive data governance and access control, letting administrators set permissions down to the row and column level. This significantly reduces the risk of data breaches or leaks, even in situations with multiple collaborators. Additionally, a virtualized data platform creates a metadata repository to bring better data structure management and access auditing, as needed.

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