Payal Kapoor
by on April 10, 2024

To mitigate financial risk, wind sector project developers secure fixed revenues through power purchasing agreements (PPAs). Their bottom line depends on maintaining or expanding the margin between operating costs and the contract power purchase price. The lack of a unified operational view inhibits operators from optimizing performance and impedes the deployment of innovations in predictive maintenance and AI. The result is pervasive inefficiency, a death knell in an industry where maximizing uptime and efficiency is essential for profitability. 

By consolidating the monitoring of multiple sites to a single centralized control room during off-hour periods, wind turbine companies can reduce their staffing. With VOX, night-time operators at remote control rooms share a common operating picture, enabling a seamless handover and limiting operational expenses.

As new recruits are being trained, operators and technicians from other sites can fill in without having to learn an entirely new system. With greater worker availability, energy companies can avoid overuse of overtime and reduce human capital costs.

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