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Welcome to Bond Cleaning Perth. We are a cleaning service in Perth that assists a tenant who is moving out to clean his rental property and recover his security deposit. If he were to do the cleaning without our assistance, he may fail to do an adequate job and would lose his bond money. If you hire us, we promise you a complete cleaning service and guarantee you the return of your bond.

A Professional Service

Bond Cleaning Perth has workers who are highly skilled and completely professional in their work. They have know-how about the latest methods of cleaning and they use state-of-the-art equipment. They bring their own cleaning kits which contain cleaning solutions, mops and detergents. They can be relied upon to perform a comprehensive cleaning job which will ensure the recovery of his bond.

A  Service with a Guarantee

Bond Cleaning Perth is a service that comes with a guarantee. We provide a hundred percent guarantee that your bond money will be returned in full and give a window of a week for the bond to be returned to you. We also promise you a reclean within 72 hours if you are not satisfied with our initial performance.

Expertise in Inspection Procedures

Australia has a very rigorous system of inspection of rented property for the purpose of the release of bond money. We at Bond Cleaning Perth are familiar with the process of inspection and often act as liaisons between estate agents or landlords and our customers. The demanding process of inspection has, incidentally driven property prices up through the high-quality of bond cleaning required.

Use of Bio-degradable Cleaning Products

The cleaning products used by Bond Cleaning Perth are biodegradable and are non-toxic in nature causing no damage to the house or the environment. This is because we are an environmentally conscious service and supportive of all measures taken to protect our planet.

Unique Cleaning Protocol

Bond Cleaning Perth has a superior cleaning protocol in comparison with other services as it undertakes a primary inspection of the property before the actual cleaning. The property is assessed and checked for spots and stains. This enables us to do a more thorough cleaning job.


Bond Cleaning Perth is a budget-friendly service with prices reasonable enough to suit the average citizen of Perth. Our service is geared to the ordinary consumer whose budget is already strained by the process of moving out and who wishes to keep his expenditure to a minimum.

Transparency of Service

In addition to affordability of prices, we also boast of transparency of service. Our service is fully transparent with the customer being kept informed throughout regarding the progress of the cleaning. This close communication reduces tension and anxiety.

A Customer-oriented Service

Bond Cleaning Perth treats the customer as the most important item on its agenda and prioritizes the needs of the customer. Our supportive and friendly staff welcomes feedback from the customer and addresses all their complaints. Customer satisfaction has resulted in consistently positive reviews that have made us the best bond cleaning service in Perth.

For a satisfactory cleaning, it is recommended that the customer check the cleaning specifications in the rental lease prior to hiring a professional service. You should also make a checklist of items to be cleaned so nothing is overlooked.

Bond cleaning is, in fact, a type of house cleaning that takes place at the end of the customer’s rental agreement. It is a detailed cleaning involving all the items in the house. A professional service like ours will do a deep cleaning of your house which is different from regular or basic cleaning. Basic cleaning is necessary for the maintenance of the house but deep cleaning addresses more than just the floor and tiles. Deep cleaning covers the hard-to-reach areas and scours the house from top to bottom.

There are some generalized reasons for hiring a professional cleaning service:

1.            A professional cleaning service will save you the tension and worry of trying to do the job yourself.

2.            Hiring a professional service will save you time as they will do the job more efficiently

3.            A professional service will guarantee you the return of your bond as they will do a high-quality cleaning

4.            They will perform additional services such as garden maintenance and pest control. They will also clean carpets through a special procedure to improve the appearance and condition of the carpet.


In conclusion, we may say that moving out with ease is possible through the hiring of a quality professional service such as Bond Cleaning Perth. We promise you a hassle-free experience as we take care of all the minor as well as major issues. Our workers have full security clearance and are also fully insured so you can relax during the procedure. Call us now and book your appointment.

Bond Cleaning Perth: A Cleaning Service That Makes Something Old into Something New

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