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Bond Cleaning Brisbane is a service that is provided in Brisbane in a situation where a tenant who is vacating his rental home is expected to clean the property in order to hand it over in good condition to the landlord. If he performs an inadequate cleaning task, he stands to lose part or all of his bond money. We at Gs Bond Cleaning Brisbane dedicate ourselves to saving you financial loss and will if hired perform a total cleaning job enabling you to recover your bond in full.

Why Choose Us


Bond Cleaning Brisbane has workers who are highly trained and professional in their work. They are knowledgeable about modern methods of cleaning and use the latest equipment. They carry their own cleaning kits with professional-grade materials, including cleaning solutions, mops and detergents. They perform a highly skilled cleaning job which will completely satisfy your landlord.

Guaranteed service

Bond Cleaning Brisbane is an in-demand service since bond cleaning is a regular practice as it is mandatory. It is legally required that a tenant must clean up his rental abode before vacating so as to restore it to its original condition. If he fails to do so he will forfeit his bond, hence it becomes necessary to hire a professional service. Ours is a guaranteed service and we give a hundred percent guarantee that your bond money will be returned in full. 

Inspection Expertise

Bond Cleaning which is also known as exit cleaning or end of lease cleaning has a very rigorous process of inspection of the rented property. This is why we at Bond Cleaning Brisbane maintain close contact with estate agents and landlords and often act as liaisons between them and our customers. The demanding process of inspection of rented property has produced high- quality bond cleaning which has, in turn, driven property prices up. This is a source of satisfaction to landlords who can rent out their property at a higher rate. 


Bond Cleaning Brisbane is a socially conscious and environment-friendly service. We are deeply committed to the welfare of the planet and use green solutions for our cleaning products. Our cleaning materials which are biodegradable are non-toxic and pose no risk to the house or the immediate environment.


Bond Cleaning Brisbane is a unique service to the extent that its cleaning protocol involves a primary inspection of the property before the actual cleaning. The property is assessed and all stubborn spots and stains are duly noted. An action plan is drawn up for the comprehensive cleaning of the property and the house is left in spotless condition.

Budget-Friendly and Transparent

We are, moreover, a budget-friendly service tailored to suit the cost-conscious consumer. Recognizing that moving out is an expensive procedure our prices are reasonable enough for our service to be within reach of the average citizen of Brisbane.     

Our service is not merely affordable but is also a transparent service. The customer is informed of the progress of the cleaning and is kept in the loop throughout. This close communication saves our clients tension and worry.


Bond Cleaning Brisbane is a customer-oriented service. The belief that the customer is always right is deeply inculcated in the minds of the staff that welcomes feedback from the customers and addresses their complaints. We have built up a base of loyal customers who give us good reviews.      

Bond cleaning is, in fact, a type of house cleaning that takes place at the end of the customer’s lease. It is a detailed cleaning that includes all the items in the house. Prior to hiring a professional service, it is recommended you prepare a checklist of items to be cleaned so nothing is overlooked. The refrigerator in the kitchen is the most important item for cleaning. It should be defrosted and the food removed so there is no fear of contamination. The lamps in the bedrooms and all the fixtures in the bathrooms should also be cleaned.

A professional service will clean the entire house, covering even the hard-to- reach areas. Bond cleaning involves a special type of cleaning known as deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is different from regular or basic cleaning. While regular cleaning is necessary for the maintenance of the house, deep cleaning addresses more than just the floor and tiles___it covers everything.

There are some general reasons for choosing to hire a professional service rather than trying to do the job yourself.

If you hire a cleaning service it will save you the tension and worry of doing the job yourself as they will take care of all the little details.

If you hire a professional service it will save you time since they are more efficient and experienced in the task of cleaning

A professional cleaning service will guarantee you the return of your bond money__ they will be ready to do a reclean if you are not satisfied with their initial performance.

For these reasons, hiring a professional service like ours is an attractive option for your bond cleaning requirement. We not only clean your house from top to bottom but also provide additional services such as garden maintenance, pest control and carpet cleaning. Call us for a free quote.      

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