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by on May 1, 2024
The tranquil Boca Raton waterfront is home to Beluga House, a restaurant that welcomes guests with love and belonging. From its pleasant surroundings to its delicious food, Beluga House is designed to create lasting memories and a family feel.

A Sincere Salutation

Becoming host is a way of life at Beluga House, not merely a polite greeting. Being a family-run business, the spirit of family is present in every exchange, making visitors feel like valued members of a larger family. Customers are surrounded by a true sense of care and warmth, from the kind greets at the door to the attentive service throughout the meal.

Creating Memories Out of Meals

The idea that each meal should tell a narrative is fundamental to the Beluga House experience. Each item on the menu is made with care and accuracy to take customers on a unique culinary trip that marries European grandeur with American tastes. Enjoying a delectable dessert or indulging in a specialty seafood dish, every meal at Beluga House is an occasion to make treasured moments around the table.

The atmosphere and ambiance

Beluga House's atmosphere is intended to arouse feelings of coziness and repose, akin to spending time with loved ones around a fireplace in the warmth of one's own house. Cozy furniture, delicate décor details, and soft lighting all come together to create a welcoming space where guests can relax and spend quality time with their loved ones. A significant event or just a romantic supper for two may be celebrated in style at Beluga House, where the atmosphere creates unique memories.

Making Cocktails and Talk

Beluga House's lively bar, where nights are turned into unforgettable moments, is the center of the cozy and inviting ambiance. In Beluga House's luxurious setting, expert mixologists create gorgeous drinks that are both tasty and beautiful. Every beverage, from fine champagne to well-made martinis, is a tribute to the spirit of hospitality and the pleasure of sharing.

Making Cocktails and Talk

The bar at Beluga House is a social center as well as a place to drink. Master mixologists create a selection of drinks that satisfy the taste and ignite conversations. The elegant bar creates an ideal setting for hours of laughing, companionship, and shared experiences. In Boca Raton waterfront restaurant, every sip of a handmade martini or quality champagne invites you to relish the moment and chat.


Beluga House is a beacon of warmth and belonging in a world where dining experiences come and go. Here, visitors are greeted with open arms and treated like treasured guests in a well-loved family home. Every part of Beluga House is filled with love and care, encouraging customers to return to build new memories and relish shared moments. Thus, take a seat, lift a drink, and let Beluga House's essence to surround you. Greetings from the family.
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