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Astrology examines how the planets, stars, and mind interact. Astrology charts can be used to predict an individual's future and to understand their nature. You can get an understanding of your inner self by learning to read an astrological chart. Therefore, let us learn how to read our horoscope.
Read your Zodiac Sign
Find where your sign is. A Zodiac chart has twelve parts on its outer ring. One of the parts will contain your birthdate. The section where your birth date falls determines your Zodiac sign. The Zodiac has twelve signs, each of which stands for a distinct personality characteristic. Find the section you fall under to find out what your Zodiac sign is. Additionally, you can also have a free online janam kundli in Hindi reading, which will make it easier to understand.
Find out what your sign means. According to popular belief, your zodiac sign influences your personality. For example, if you are an Aries, you might be passionate, motivated, ambitious, and outgoing. Online resources provide details on the personality qualities connected to each sign of the zodiac. You can either buy or borrow an astrology-related book from a nearby bookstore or borrow one from the local library. You can use your Zodiac sign to learn more about yourself using this.
Understanding the Houses
Locate the ascendant. A very significant component of an astrological chart is the ascendant or rising sign. It is the point that at the precise moment of your birth was rising over the Eastern horizon, by sign and degree. To determine how the houses in your birth chart will be labeled, you need to first find the ascendant.
First Six Houses
Each of your houses represents different parts of your life. The sign that governs the various houses will have an impact on your astrological chart.
The first house depicts you at birth. In other words, your identity, behavior, mindset, personality, and other innate traits. Planets and signs located in the first house have a significant impact on your personality.
The second house is a representation of your finances, possessions, sense of value, and attitude toward these things. Which sign and which planet is in the second house will determine your level of emotional and financial stability throughout your life.
The third house has a connection with travel and communication. The third house is associated with short-distance travel, written communication, and how other people communicate with you. This reveals information about your mindset, preferred method of learning, manner of speaking, and self-expression.
The fourth house stands for family, home, and possessions. This house rules your origins, upbringing, childhood, and the underlying feelings that come from all of these aspects of your life.
The fifth house is symbolic of children and your relationship with them. The fifth house also has a connection with romance and love affairs, as well as your attitude toward enjoyment and pleasure.
The sixth house, which symbolizes your whole physical well-being throughout your life, is the house of wellness and service.
Last Six Houses
The seventh house is a symbol of committed and serious partnerships. This house governs matters like love relationships and marriage. Moreover, it might show the qualities you look for in a committed romantic partner.
The house of rebirth and regeneration is the eighth house. This house contains birth, decay, death, healing, surgery, and injuries. This house has sexual activity as well.
The ninth house symbolizes long-distance travel. Furthermore, the ninth house contains both physical and symbolic journeys. The ninth house has a connection with emotional journeys and changes in addition to lengthy travels of 500 kilometers or more.
The tenth house is symbolic of status and profession. This house contains all of your goals and desires. It also makes your position in the community clear.
The house of hopes is the eleventh house. It stands for whether or not your aspirations will come true and when. According to popular belief, you shouldn't take big chances until after a major planet has moved through this house.
The twelfth house indicates secrets. The 12th House is about revealing aspects that are hidden, such as secret parts of one's past and buried emotions.
Understanding Planets
Find where the planets are. Planets that transit through your chart's various houses have an impact on the reading. Planets are spread around the chart and various symbols represent them. Furthermore, astrologers claim that the planets' movements might trigger particular energies that could affect the things that happen in your day-to-day life. Therefore, understanding all the planets in your birth chart is crucial.
Horoscope reading is not as easy as it looks. There are many aspects to it. Furthermore, each horoscope is different, and different aspects like planetary transit and personal matters influence it. Therefore, one should always consult an experienced astrologer for horoscope reading.
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