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Welcome to Vacate Cleaning Adelaide. We are a professional cleaning service in Adelaide for the exclusive use of tenants wishing to vacate their rented property upon the expiry of their rental lease and desirous of returning the property in good condition to the landlord in order to recover their security deposit. We will do an excellent job of cleaning the place for you and guarantee you the return of your deposit in full measure.

Vacate Cleaning Adelaide: A Mandatory Practice

Vacate Cleaning Adelaide is a service that is an accepted practice since it is mandatory. The law demands that a vacating tenant must restore his rented property to its original condition before returning it to the landlord, otherwise the latter may file a claim against his security deposit for damage or deterioration of the property. To avoid financial distress, it is necessary to hire a reliable professional service to comprehensively clean up the property; call us to book our service.

Vacate Cleaning Adelaide Hires Qualified Workers

Vacate Cleaning Adelaide recruits workers who are highly qualified and deeply committed to their work. They are well-versed in modern technology and use the latest tools. They carry their own cleaning kits containing professional- grade materials and bring energy, enthusiasm and expertise to the task. They do an exceptional job of cleaning the property and give your house a pristine appearance.

Vacate Cleaning Adelaide is a Socially Responsible Service

Vacate Cleaning Adelaide is an environment-conscious service that takes social responsibility for the welfare of the community and the planet. We are deeply concerned about the ill-effects of global warming and subsequent climate changes. We have adopted sustainable practices and strive to minimize waste. We use ecologically safe cleaning products that do no harm to the house or the environment.

Vacate Cleaning Adelaide: Our Free Quote is the Final Price

Vacate Cleaning Adelaide is a budget-friendly service tailored to suit the needs of the average middle-class resident of Adelaide. We accept that moving is a costly exercise and we strive to keep our prices low so as not to place an additional financial burden on our customers. Moreover, the final price is quoted at the initial meeting and there are no hidden charges.

The Cleaning Process: We Start in the Kitchen

Vacate Cleaning Adelaide begins its house cleaning journey in the kitchen, the first room to be cleaned. The most prominent item in the kitchen to be cleaned is the refrigerator which is defrosted and the leftover food removed to prevent contamination. The oven, stove top, and sink are also cleaned and the kitchen is thus sanitized.

We Create a Hygienic Bathroom

Gs Bond Cleaning Adelaide undertakes bathroom cleaning as part of our house cleaning service. The bathroom is an integral part of the house and cleaning it is critically important. The bathroom is used so frequently by so many people, it becomes a host to bacteria and a source of infection. In order to safeguard the health of the household and to create a hygienic environment, the bathroom needs to be deep cleaned and thoroughly disinfected. We do this job for you.

Carpet Cleaning: A Magical Transformation

A carpet is a beautiful household item and enhances the décor of your home. Regrettably a carpet is often neglected by the owner and allowed to gather dust and pollutants so that over the years it becomes dull and lifeless. Regular cleaning of a carpet by a professional service is necessary for its proper maintenance. By cleaning your carpet, we can restore its luster and dramatically improve its appearance. Treating a carpet also improves its general condition and lengthens its lifespan.

We offer multiple options for cleaning your carpet including steam cleaning, shampooing and dry cleaning. The option chosen depends on the preference of the customer and is included as an additional service in the general house cleaning service undertaken on behalf of the exiting tenant.

We Give Customer Satisfaction

Vacate Cleaning Adelaide regards the customer as the crucial figure in the cleaning service and accords him courtesy and respect. Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance and the supportive staff welcomes feedback from the customer in the post- cleaning phase. If the customer is discontented with the cleaning job, we come back to do a reclean within 72 hours. We make the utmost effort to accommodate the customer and to address all his grievances.

Our Customers give us Good Reviews

Vacate Cleaning Adelaide has achieved the goal of customer satisfaction as our customers have given us outstanding reviews of our performance. Their support has made us a reputed service in Adelaide and our aim for the days to come is to break new barriers and become the best in the business in all of Australia.

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