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by on November 2, 2017

Are you facing difficulties in using Xfinity email service? If so, then you don’t have to worry anymore. Most of the Comcast email account problems can be fixed by applying some of the troubleshooting solutions. Before you contact at Xfinity customer service number, you first have to make sure that your computer and the Internet connection are set up appropriately. Also, ensure that the Comcast account is configured accurately by testing your email client. If there is a problem with your email client, try to sign into the Comcast webmail account and finding the cause of the issues.

Solution 1 – Check the Computer Setup and Internet Connection

Before you go to fix the complicated issues, it’s suggested to perform a simple troubleshooting to find the exact reason for the problems. You can check your computer and the Internet connection and then ensure that they are active and working appropriately. If necessary, try to restart your computer, wireless router and the modem. After rebooting these devices one-by-one, open your web browser and navigate to the website to ensure your Internet connection is working. If you can't access the Internet, contact the Comcast XFINITY service provider to know that if they have any issue and solve out the problems immediately.

Solution 2 - Troubleshoot the Xfinity Equipment

If the Comcast email issues continue, then make sure that your router and the modem devices are both firmly connected. Ensure that cables have not come loose and even they’re plugged into the appropriate ports. Replace the wires if it’s broken. Ensure that you have paid all bills on time to keep the email service active. You can also consult Comcast to know about the Internet outages and other issues that might be affecting your mailing services.

Solution 3 – Check the Email Client Settings

If you’re still unable to access the Comcast email, then you can check the settings you have made for your email account. The process of locating the configuration may differ, relying on the email program you’re using to access the Xfinity email. If you’re running the Windows 8.1 Mail application, you can check the settings by going to the lower-right side of the screen and clicking the ‘Settings’ icon. Choose the Comcast account to see the current setup. In the case of the Microsoft Outlook 2013 program, click the ‘File’ tab, select the ‘Account Settings’ icon, and then choose the ‘Account Settings’ option again. Select your Comcast email account and click the ‘Change’ option. Solution.

Solution 4 – Check Email Account Configuration

After accessing the settings in your email program, check that they’re set up correctly. You have to enter the complete Comcast email address into the appropriate text box. Enter the ‘’ for incoming email service, and ‘’ for the outgoing email server respectively. Set ‘993’ for your incoming email port and the ‘587’ for the outgoing port. When asked, enable the SSL encryption.

Solution 5 – Use Xfinity Webmail

The XFINITY email service of the Comcast also comes with a webmail portal that is helpful to access your emails from the Internet browser. If you’re facing difficulties in using the email application, you should use the Comcast webmail. Open your web browser on your PC and navigate to the Comcast email site and sign into the account by entering the password. If you don’t know the email address and the password, you can restore the login credentials by clicking the link labeled as the ‘Don't know your email or password.’ If you know the email address, but forget the password, just click on the link reads like ‘Forgot Your Password?’ If nothing else works to solve XFINITY email problems, then consult with the professionals of Comcast customer service to get your mailing issues fixed within the shortest time.

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