Alen Parker
by on January 23, 2018
In today’s world, the competition is ever-increasing. After the implementation of GST, more and more individuals are starting their business online. The already existing companies are also not behind. They are growing their business fervently. This is increasing the number of customers exponentially. In turn, it is increasing the number of inquisitions. That is why companies are hiring 24 hour telephone answering service providers. However, they are forgetting the fact that today individuals love texting more than calling. Thanks to social media channels, people all over the globe have become slaves of technology. They prefer texting over call as they can chat while doing other important tasks. All this has given rise to the need of hiring a service provider which offers more than just call handling facility for getting the queries of your customers solved. You actually need to be available to your customers at all the platforms they are so as to show them their value. Otherwise, the market is flooded with options, they will not think twice before availing the same service or product from some other company. Hence, in this blog we mention the facilities that the call centre company you hire must have besides providing 24 hour telephone answering service. Take a look. • E-mail support- Give the outsourcing company all your general mail IDs and let it handle all of them. Millions of e-mails are send every second which is a huge figure in itself. Hence, the company you hire should have agents for taking up queries that are sent by your customers on mail. Ideally, your customers should get a response from your end within an hour or at most a day. • Contact form- Many individuals visit your company’s website. They might be your company’s existing customers or the potential ones. Some of them would call on your customer care number from there while some would fill a form. Many companies don’t even see these forms. Hence, if the call centre company you have hired will have an agent who can look after this segment as well, your company will get in the good books of many customers. • Web chat support- No one wants to wait for getting their issues solved. Moreover, some visitor of your website might be looking for options of various products or services. He must be looking for quick answers to his questions. In such a situation, if a rival company will answer the query of the person, it might gain a customer. However, if you would not have this live chat option on your website, you will lose one important lead. • Text messaging- Some people don’t have smartphones. They might not want to call you as they don’t like being put on hold for long. Hence, they would prefer texting over call. If your call center service provider will not have agents looking after texts, the customers who would have contacted that way will feel neglected. This will make them opt for a company which listens to their problems quickly and at the platform of their choice. • Social media chat option- Every person, even the one who doesn’t have a smart phone is on Facebook. Hence, it is the best medium to not only solve the problems of the customers but make them listen you as well. Your company must have a page on each of the social media websites. Agents should be there to help the customers and potential customers. • Phone calls – Undeniably, even after so many mediums to get the queries solved, phone calls still stay the most preferred option for getting any problem solved. However, the call centre company you hire should be so proficient that it rarely puts a customer on hold. Moreover, 24 hour telephone answering service would be an added advantage to the phone calling service you are availing. This will help you in catering to the needs and problems of the customers irrespective of their geological location. Follow the aforementioned points and hire an answering service provider that is so efficient and proficient that every customer hangs the call satisfactorily.
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