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by on May 10, 2018
Syncplicity is an application for iPhone which is interchange with the Microsoft Office features. Specifying the need and usage of MS Office in the work environment, this is one of the great partnership which brings the best use of prominent work program for studying, office work, and for the personal use of the users. Microsoft Office includes Word, Access, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint.
With this integration, it has really become fairly easy to put documents together and perform various operation including writing, editing, saving, sharing, and printing along with reading. Microsoft Office provides offering best services and enhanced features for the benefits of their users. And if you want any technical help related to the Office then visit or get instant support dial the toll-free number of Office customer support.
Some Key Features of Microsoft Office Application
Microsoft Office features supported in the Syncplicity for iPhone App:
Some document identifies and explains the Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint) features supported in the Syncplicity for iPhone app. The detailed features are mentioned below-
Key Features of Microsoft Word:-
Font formatting: In this users have access to change text size, color, font, background color, effect, and style.
Paragraph formatting: This help in changing the alignment, bullet symbols, spacing, and indent.
Copy formatting: This copy Formatting feature helps in copying the applied font or paragraph formatting to text and then apply it to other parts of the document.
Draw: if you need to insert a shape or table, then you can draw one using your finger or using the draw tool.
Page layout: The page layout can change the margin, size, column, and page direction of the document.
Insert: You can insert a text box, shape, image, chart, or table and then by dragging the pointers, size of the object can be adjusted.
Key Features of Microsoft Excel:-
Spreadsheet Management: This will help users in adding, deleting, rename, or change the order of spreadsheets.
Select a Column or Row: By tapping on the title, users can select a column or row and to select multiple columns or rows.
Edit a Cell: By tapping the cell twice, users can input and edit the data of a cell.
Creating a Formula: This feature helps in creating a formula and also using the prebuilt functions, users can edit a cell or insert a formula.
Font Formatting: The font formatting helps in selecting the option and apply it in real-time to change text size, color, effect, or font.
Cell Formatting: By cell formatting, you can change the fill color, border, color, border drawing, and border thickness.
Number Formatting: Excel has changed the formatting option that users can apply to a cell range or just cell.
Align Cells: Users can make the changes in cells’ horizontal and vertical alignment.
Inserting a Chart: By selecting the cells and then tapping on insert chart, users can easily insert a chart. After tapping on the option insert chart, users will be prompted to select a chart type.
Chart Formatting: This feature allows the users to change the chart type, format, layout, and style.
Key Microsoft PowerPoint Features:-
Add a Slide: To make a presentation, you might need to add a new slide and then add heading to the slide menu by clicking on the add slide icon.
Slide Management: This given feature makes it easy to slide management by copying, moving or deleting any selected slide.
Slideshows: By tapping on the play icon in the slides panel you can start a slideshow anytime. And by swiping left and right, you can navigate through the slides.
Insert a Chart: By tapping on insert and then add chart option, and then selecting a chart type when prompt to do so, users can insert a chart into the sheet.
Slide Notes: By selecting more, then tapping on slide notes users can manage slide notes which are displayed at the bottom of the slides.
if you want to know more about the Microsoft office then you can contact Office customer support. The Experts are Certified professionals and available 24*7 to assist you and help you regarding every issue related to Office. For more information, visit or to get instant support, dial the toll-free number of Office customer support.
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