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by on May 15, 2018
Microsoft office is a famed and affordable application which enables the users to complete various types of tasks. Users are using many versions of MS office program like- 97,2007, 2010, 2013, 2016. But as we know that Office 2016 is a famed and popular suite of office. You can face some common error while activating it on your computer system. Amongst all of these common errors, today we will discuss the Office error 0xD000000C. It’s an activation error. But you can easily resolve it. Read on to find a simple and effective procedure to get rid of office error 0xD000000C.
When does the Office error 0xD000000C happen?
You will get this error when you try to activate your copy of Office 2016 on your device, and your system requires that you sign in to a valid account. The error code is 0xD000000C. So please if you find this error then try to resolve it immediately from your office program because this error will harm your office software.
Steps to Troubleshoot Error Code 0xD000000C on Office 2016:-
First of all, make sure the internet is working fine while you’re trying to install office program on your computer system. You need to open your internet browser to do this and go to
Close all of the active Office apps.
Download and run the License removal tool to remove all the Office keychain entries.
Start any Office app again and follow the activation prompts.
Steps to network account:-
If you have signed in to your computer system by using a Network account such as Open directory accounts, this error may occur because Office 2016 can’t write your credentials into the keychain as it is “read-only.”
If you are logged in with a network account then first sign out and then sign in with your local user account. After that, try to activate it again.
If you don’t have a local user account, then first you need to create it:
Go to the Apple menu and select System Preferences > Users & Groups.
Choose the Click the lock to make changes, and enter your password.
After that, choose Unlock.
Then choose +, and then enter all of the information to create a new account
Then select the Create User.
Sign into your local user account and activate again.
After completing all of the above steps, you need to restart your computer and check if the Office error 0xD000000C has been resolved.
In case if you get any error, then you should take the assistance of Office Customer Support team. They will give you the best solutions for all of your Office related issue.
Microsoft Office Contact Support:-
If you’re still having issues while activating your Office 2016 on your computer system, please contact Microsoft support. You can connect with Office certified technicians by dialing Office Toll-Free customer number, it’s a free consumer support service. To get more information regarding Office program visit on
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