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by on May 21, 2018
We all are using web browsers to complete our day to day computing and digital requirements. However, it might appear simple, but actually, it is a very complex process and also executes a lot of substances below the lid or hood. One of such chore is making the content on your device screen. Rendering the pages might be a graphics intensive job, it munches through a lot of sources on your computer system. You might have already noticed the Edge or Chrome which will captivate a lot of reserves in the Task Manager of the browser.
We are providing you some simple steps of how to allow the high-performance GPU for Microsoft Edge browser so that you can influence the best performance available for the Microsoft Edge browser.
Steps to Allow High-Performance GPU for Microsoft Edge Browser
Let’s talk about the GPU in detail. There are two types of GPU which are available in the market.
One is integrated GPU with the motherboard of your computer system
The second is the one which is later on installed by you or by the manufacturer.
Integrated GPUs are simply working fine and perform well for completing the regular day to day tasks. But it is providing the difficulty to the modern websites; browsers are not reliable on the integrated GPU. But on the other side, the second GPU is more proficient and work effectively, but it consumes more power than others. So, if you have less battery backup but you need to increase the optimum browser performance, then you can follow the steps we provide to allow the high-performance GPU for Microsoft Edge browser. These steps are less time-consuming and take fewer efforts.
The steps are discussing below:-
Open Settings option on your system.
Scroll down the Window screen
Then, Click on the Graphics Setting option.
Now, choose an application to set a preference.
By dropping down the menu option, select the Universal App
Now again drop-down the menu, and select the Microsoft Edge and click on the Add button.
Once the Microsoft Edge has been added to the list, Now, set the preferences by clicking on the options button equivalent to it.
On default option, the graphics preference ought to be a System default.
For setting the system preference, Three options are available:
System default
Power saving
High performance.
The dialog box will also show the names of Power saving and High-performance GPU which are available on your computer.
A method of identifying whether the Microsoft Edge is using your external GPU or by using the software that is available with the graphics card on your system. For case, if you are using Nvidia GPU, then your system must have Nvidia GPU Activity, or you need to install any other similar tool. You can easily access the tool from the system tray, and it would also show the list of programs which are using this GPU.
High-performance GPU has its own perks and trade-offs, and it can provide you better performance, but it also consumes more power. So, we recommend you that don’t use the GPU when you use your battery.
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