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by on May 23, 2018
Many people across the world have made a substantial amount of money over the past few years by investing in cryptocurrencies. When Bitcoin was first launched in the year 2010, it could be purchased for only. By the end of 2017, its price had risen to more than $19,000 per bitcoin. Since everything these days has become digital, hackers and cybercriminals are finding new and innovative ways to exploit the cryptocurrency setup. As a matter of fact, these hackers are targeting user devices to assist them with their thefts. If the crypto jacking malware gets installed in your device, it might cause the system to crash.
Is your gadget at risk?
Cryptomining is a process which can create cryptocurrencies. It is a method to add to the enormous computational horsepower and energy required to authenticate and preserve the transaction network of cryptocurrency and its ledger.
Nowadays, hackers infect the computer or other devices of a clueless victim with malware. The purpose of this malware is to mine cryptocurrencies. This entire scam is a kid of cryptojacking.
Cryptojacking is a recently evolved method for cybercriminals to make money for themselves at the victim’s expense. As the activity of crypto mining takes a substantial amount of electrical energy, cybercriminals source this activity to other people. Rather than establishing server farm which is dedicated to crypto mining, these fraudsters would steal the victim’s computing resources for doing all the heavy work on their behalf.
This can be done by either hacking the web browser or by installing a crypto miner malicious software on the victim’s computer system. By sneaking in malicious software, a crypto jacker uses the processing power of the computer secretly to assist in the activity of cryptocurrency mining. This malicious hidden software can get into the computer by sneaking via the website advertisements which use JavaScript.
WinstarNssmMiner Can Crash Your Computer
The crypto jacking malware named WinstarNssmMiner uses your computer to conduct crypto mining in the background, without the victim getting to know about it. Researchers from Norton 360 Total Security discovered this malware. Go to for more information.
This malware gets installed on the unsuspecting victim’s computer as the victim clicks on the malicious link contained in the phishing mail or visits websites which have already been compromised. Once this gets installed, it employs the CPU of the computer system to mine cryptocurrencies.
However, the worst part is that, when the victim realizes that their device is running slower than usual and attempts to fix the issue by rebooting it, then this malware crashes the system.
How to combat these attacks?
In order to prevent your computer from such crypto jacking attacks, then always have an ad-blocker running on your computer. Moreover, disable the JavaScript from your web browser. Keep an eye out for typosquatters. Double check and verify the websites which you are visiting and do not download anything from suspicious emails.
Lastly, install efficient antivirus software on your gadgets. Norton antivirus offers adequate protection, and it keeps your devices free from virus, malware, Trojan, and other online threats. To know more about, go to
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