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by on May 31, 2018
Organizing a new kitchen or remodelling an existing one is a hectic task as there are so many things you should consider. If you miss just one and went ahead with the implementation, you will be suffering for a very long time as no one has the time or the money to remodel a kitchen every time they realize that the layout is not as efficient as you want. Imaged Source: Pixabay Form all the considerations in the designing the process the major one that bothers most people is the placement of the fridge. You cannot possibly live without one so you have to accommodate it somewhere and, most of the time the whole design revolves around the refrigerator as people tend to look for a spot for the refrigerator even before the designing has begun. So, here are a few tips if you are wondering where the refrigerator should be placed in your kitchen. In A Place Where There Is Sufficient Space Obviously, the fridge needs considerable space and you need to find a spot that can not only accommodate the refrigerator but also has sufficient space to open the doors. Some people tend to place the fridge right next to the wall and, unless you have integrated refrigeration, this will not be a good idea. You will need sufficient space to open the doors and opening it in a 900 angle will not be sufficient for taking out the panels or for cleaning the interior. Moreover, if you have a standalone refrigerator, it may need breathing space. So you will need to keep sufficient space as specified in the manual at the back and also on the sides. So, the bottom line is, do not make the refrigerator fit firmly into a tight space unless it is a built-in one that is intended to fit in and disappear. Hide It If You Can With the wonderful built-in designs that are available, you do not need to have the refrigerator standing out ruining the seamless look of the kitchen. You can embed it into the cupboards or you can even purchase something as fascinating as an under-counter refrigerator. However, if you are choosing a model other than a standalone one, make sure you purchase a reliable brand so that you will not have to worry about maintenance and repairs. Easy To Access With Minimal Accidents Remember that you need to access the refrigerator frequently. Therefore, it should be close to the countertop and also to the dining table but it should not obstruct your normal routine. For example, assume you placed the fridge right next to the worktop and every time someone else opens the door you have to move to make space. Another tip is not placing the refrigerator next to the entrance to the kitchen. Nowadays no one is watching where they are going and the chances of someone, specially a kid, bumping into the refrigerator door is unavoidable if the door open across the entryway. Avoid Fire And Water Do not place the refrigerator next to the stove or the burners as the heat can affect the lifetime of the appliance. Similarly, do not keep it too close to the sink as water splashes may stay on the surface and would require more frequent cleaning. Moreover, splashing water on the plug points for a long period of time can even result in harmful accidents. Keeping these in mind when going refrigerator shopping or looking for a spot to place the existing one will save you a lot of time and money.
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