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by on June 13, 2018
Deluxe Duct Cleaning to develop reliable and efficient methods of air ductwork cleaning equipment. All machinery developed is tested in the field for 15 months prior to release, to ensure its suitability for the function.
The range of machinery supplied or manufactured is regularly updated, so return to site frequently and check the Equipment Stop Press page.
Our Technical Department Head has been involved in ductwork cleaning. People living in your home or visitors with breathing disorders or allergies notice that right off the bat. When your heating or cooling system is running it picks up other toxins. This would be household cleaners, pesticides and paints. Other toxins are picked up that are more toxic sounding. They are chemicals like polyurethane from mattresses, furniture and upholstery.
You’re breathing that stuff when the air-conditioning or the heat comes on and circulates the air. It sends toxins into your home where it settles on furniture, bedding, draperies and other items and eventually finds its way back to your air ducts where it stays until the next time you turn on the heat or the air-conditioning.
Does your home have all of these items in the air? It’s not likely. But some or all of the items mentioned are in your air ducts and some of them are serious health hazards. You will want to have your air ducts cleaned by a Melbourne professional.
A skilled air duct cleaner with the right tools from Deluxe Duct Cleaning can quickly and professionally get your ducts, and your air, cleaned up properly. You will use less power, increase the efficiency of your HVAC your system, and develop your air quality.
We play very close attention to toxins and your home’s air and urge you to clean your air ducts and the air handling parts of your heating and cooling system regularly. Cleaning is a good idea and can save you money on heating and cooling bills.
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