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by on June 18, 2018
There is no doubt that OneNote is an effective and popular application of Microsoft for presenting one’s ideas, lists and save important information in a single place. It has a good capability to collect all of the data to make notes and also share it on the internet.
OneNote 2016 is an original version of OneNote which was first launched for Microsoft Office 2016, and the notes related to this version are stored locally on the computer system. However, OneNote 2016 is no recent updated for any new features, and it is optionally available for the users of locally stored notebooks.
In Windows 10 OneNote is automatically syncing your notes on OneDrive account, and if your records are saved locally in OneNote 2016, then you need to upload all files to OneDrive to share it over the internet. There is some of the major benefits of uploading notebooks in OneDrive are that it allows users to edit the notes as well as read the notes across any devices and also lets users share the notes with friends.
With the help of OneNote, you will be able to share your notes with your colleagues or collaborate during the meeting from anywhere. Suppose that you are in a formal meeting to follow up a predetermined agenda and want to discuss some important information another, we generally jot down the important data in a notebook that is discussed during a meeting.
But some of you have to miss out on some of the key points as it’s not possible to remind or save on everything which you have discussed in your meeting. What to do if you could assemble all the notes taken by your colleagues along with you? But now this is possible with the help of OneNote, and you will be able to share your notes with other colleagues along with you.
To do this, you need to keep the OneNote notebook in a shared location such as- OneDrive and then select your colleagues as a participant to add the meeting notes. This is one of the best options for getting your colleagues, friends and other people to connect during the meeting.
In this post, we will discuss how you can share OneNote 2016 notebook with your colleagues or partner during a meeting. You have nothing to enough if you have already created a notebook on your local computer system, you should share them explicitly to OneDrive to share with a meeting.
Let’s know how to Share OneNote notebook during a meeting:
Move to the Start menu and type OneNote.
Then launch the OneNote and select the notebook that one you want to share.
Now click on the share button and then click on the Invite People.
Your invited participants will receive a message with a link to the shared notebook.
Then click on the Share button and select the Share with Meeting option.
Once all the participants in the notebook are given with sufficient permissions for editing the notes, the participants will be able to add the data to the meeting notes at the same time from anywhere.
OneNote is able to sync all of the notes displaying every participant’s notes automatically.
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