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by on July 4, 2018
A healthy and nutritious diet not only affects our brain and health but also our sleep. Consumption of caffeine late in the evening can disrupt the sleep of a person. Similarly, munching of French fries with cheeseburger before bedtime can lead to sleepless nights. Researchers studied the diet and the sleep habits of healthy adults for one week and found that food choices during the day can affect the quality of sleep. They concluded that eating more saturated fat, excess sugar and less fiber food can lead to less restorative sleep and frequent awakenings in the night. Besides diet, the quality of sleep of an individual is also dependent on other factors – their sleep and wake up time, the amount of physical activity they do in the day, due to physical and psychological factors and how much the time they spent on looking at their phones and computer screen. How Insomnia affects our lives? The impact of insomnia touches all aspects of a sleep deprived person. It affects their performance in office, damages personal relationships and impairs decision-making ability. The overall quality of life of sleepless person suffers, forcing them to lead a miserable and unhappy life. This problem is more common among senior citizens, women and people with pre- existing diseases and mental health problems. Two types of insomnia in persons – short-term and chronic insomnia • Short-term insomnia: It occurs in around 15-20 per cent of people and can persist for up to 3 months. • Chronic Insomnia: This form of insomnia occurs at least three times per week and lasts for months. Around 10 per cent of people suffers from it. Treatment Options A board-certified sleep expert may recommend a combination of the following treatment options for the treatment of insomnia. • Sleeping Pills • Sleep Hygiene • Cognitive behaviour therapy We will stress on the role of sleeping Pills in the treatment of insomnia and other sleep disorders. Treatment of Insomnia through sleeping Pills Sleeping Pills are the best solution when you have a strong desire to sleep but are experiencing difficulty in getting asleep. Your doctor is the best person to advise you which sleeping pills are suitable for you. Some of the most popular online sleeping pills are Ambien ( Zolpidem), Zopiclone, Temazepam( Restoril), Diazepam ( Valium), Xanax ( Alprazolam), Nitrazepam Codeine and Tramadol tablets. These pills relax the brain and the nerves and induce sleep in insomniacs. An online medicine store should be the preferred option to buy sleeping pills online
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