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by on July 6, 2018
If you are using a gaming mouse, then you have noticed that it came with a few extra buttons than a normal mouse. All of the buttons might help you easily fire bullets in your games. But nowadays, some users are reporting that how they use them to better use for routine works on Windows.
Thus in this post, we will discuss an amazing tool that is called Mouse Manager. It has an excellent capability to complete you this day by day tasks. Mouse Manager will tell you that how to customize the extra buttons on your mouse.
More about the Mouse Manager for Windows
The best thing is in Mouse Manager that it is the simple tool in use. It is offering some amazing and useful features. It is a supported feature with most of the devices and ensures all of the button clicks are registered and responded to instantly.
If your game does not support with extra buttons then no need to worry in this case. To for that you can use the Mouse Manager and lactate these buttons to custom actions. Technically, it will help you to use your mouse with most of the games.
From extra buttons, we mean about the extra two buttons that are placed at the side of your computer mouse. Generally, these buttons are programmed as forwarding and Backward buttons. Besides this, most of the latest games introduced them Mouse Button 4 and Mouse Button 5. But in case, if your game is not supported any such setting, then you can always use the Mouse Manager to customize those extra buttons.
How to Set-up Mouse Manager tool?
If you want to use this tool, then you can follow the below mentioned some simple steps.
First of all, you need to download and then install this application.
However, it is a not a big size application, and it comes in a portable variant.
After completing the installation process, you can start the configuring the extra buttons on your mouse.
Mouse Manager will work in a profile setup, where you can create as many profiles you want.
You can easily switch between different profiles using the system tray icon. If you want to set-up the buttons differently for different games or applications they provide will help you.
How to create a profile?
If you are trying to create a profile, then you need to click on the Add button.
Then you will enter the key combination for Mouse Button 4 and Mouse Button 5 and then click on the Save button.
You can also enter any sequence of keys, and the same process will be enough whenever you press that button for example-you have type in R which is reloaded in many games, you can easily reload during the playing a shooting game or if you can type in H E L L O, and your mouse would type in hello.
You can easily create as many profiles as you want and customizations possible are endless.
You can delete profiles and disable a button in a specific profile.
This program can also automatically run with Windows so you will no need for any manual setup every-time.
It is able to run silently from the system tray.
To switch profiles or open management window, you can use tray icons.
There is no doubt that Mouse Manager is a perfect choice if you own one of those mice which are providing you some extra buttons. If you think you can keep those buttons to better use than Mouse Manager will a great choice for this. It is offering nifty features like- profiles and system tray icon.
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