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by on July 6, 2018
A new released of Apple as a Data and Privacy portal. It will help you to correct erroneous your saved private information that is related to your Apple account. It will perform for European countries to download all of the information Apple has about you – similar to getting a complete record of your data from services such as- Facebook or Instagram. All of the countries users can also use this portal to delete their Apple account. If you also think about it, then this post will help you to delete your Apple ID.
How to Delete Your Apple ID?
First of all, you need to find the Apple’s Data and Privacy portal at
Then log in with your Apple ID and password that you want to remove out. If you have two-factor authentication enabled then you will need to follow some extra steps to verify your identity.
Now, you will need to click Continue on the Apple ID & Privacy intro screen.
Then click on the Get started option under the Delete Your Account section.
Now you will get notification from Apple for deleting your account.
Please note it because the deletion process can take up to seven days to complete.
When our account is gone, you will be able to access your any type of photos, documents, and other files stored on iCloud.
So, before starting this process you have to make sure to follow the given steps such as- backing up your data and sign out of your devices.
You need to select a reason for the deletion and then click on the Continue option.
After that you will need to perform through some screens that will allow you to see the information on the account deletion – yes, it’s not so important but Apple wants to make certain you want to remove the account.
Then you will need to agree to the Deletion Terms & Conditions.
Then select a contact way that you want to use to retrieve any account status updates.
Now you have done all steps.
At last, Apple will give you an updated access code that you will need to print or keep a copy of.
It will help you to verify your identity if you need to contact Apple Support. It can also help you to cancel the deletion process.
Go to the next screen and type in that unique code to confirm you have it.
At last, you will get another message that says you’re not going to be able to access anything from Apple.
Then you need to click on the red Delete account button.
Here you are done all the steps.
Remember Note- it can take them up to seven days to completely deleted account. During this period, you can move to the Apple Data and Privacy portal, and you can see a notification on the right-side of the screen that will tell you that your account deletion is in process.
You will get a message from Apple to the contact method that will confirm your account is being deleted. If you want to cancel this deletion, you can connect with customer support and provide them with your unique identity code provided for verification. They will help you to stop this process.
Although, you will need to does it within a week before complete the deletion process.
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