Nicholas King
by on July 10, 2018

Lapel pins are the best giveaways for any organizational events, especially honorary events.

If you are an event organizer or someone who owns an event organizing company, you should start considering another souvenir options other than the traditional, such as pen-bearing-company name, mugs, lanyards, custom-made wristbands, and more. Why not consider offering custom lapel pins instead?

Below are the top reasons why you should include lapel pins on your souvenir options:

Reason #1: It is best used for promotional events

Companies can make use of lapel pins as promotional souvenirs to their clients and future customers. As an event organizer, your primary purpose in organizing a promotional event is to ensure that your client’s brand is easily recognized by their target clients. So, customizing lapel pins would be the best and fresh options that you can present to your clients. Plus, the attendees of the event will take home a unique memento that will remind them about the company. 

Reason #2: It is best for raising awareness

Custom pins are excellent tokens when raising awareness. If you have noticed, hundreds of fundraising events are now frequently using small pins or classic ribbon awareness pins, instead of paying too much for various banners or pamphlets; this is all because pins create more curiosity to the event attendees than reading pamphlets. In fact, these small custom-made lapel pins have helped several fundraising organization raise millions of dollars globally. So, if your client wants to raise awareness about something, try to provide this excellent option. If you are curious how to produce some of your awareness pin ideas, you may check lapelpinsuperstore and visit for more info.

Reason #3: It is the best option for employee recognition

If your client is celebrating company anniversary and they want to present employees who deserve appreciation, you should recommend lapel pins or custom challenge pins that are found here. Since the idea is fresh and out of the traditional, the recipient will feel honored when receiving one, compared to when receiving a plaque of appreciation or recognition.

Additionally, the concept of lapel pins or challenge pins was originally to bring honor to people who have done an excellent job in precise industry; fortunately, due to innovations and freedom to express arts, lapel pins now can be used in wide-array of options, one of which is for employee recognition.

Reason #4: It is better-personalized token than the traditional

In today’s world, several people are easily bored with what is conventional. So, as an event organizer, you have to present your client the best of everything, including event souvenirs. Although there is nothing wrong with souvenir mugs, scented candles, and pens that bears the company name, lanyard, and more, presenting your client with another excellent option will make them call you again for the next event. All you need to do is look for a reliable team that can produce unique and quality-type of lapel pins. However, make sure to personally get in touch with the team, for additional information

There are a lot of things you can do with lapel pins; all you need is the best team to produce it for you.

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