Tatev Har
by on July 20, 2018
Are you in a search of a new secure messenger? Have you already lost your interest and trust in popular messaging apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger? No worries! There is a perfect alternative to those apps and it is here to replace the big players in the market. Of course, I’m talking about Zangi Safe Messenger. Zangi Safe Messenger does the things differently. To start, it uses its own revolutionary system thanks to which this product is one of a kind. Let’s dig deeper to find out the advantages of Zangi messaging app. The Only Safe Messenger There is a large number of secure messengers but Zangi is the only safe messenger out there. Unlike other messaging apps, Zangi Safe Messenger does not store users’ communication history on their servers. This means there is no chance anyone can have access to your messages, calls or files, and no other company can ever buy your personal data. Once you delete a message from your device, no one even Zangi team can restore it. Sounds good, isn’t it?! But this is not all you get; every message you send is encrypted. Low Data Usage Zangi messenger is not only a winner in the nomination “The Safest Messaging App”, it also consumes the least mobile data. Thanks to a revolutionary technology, Zangi Safe Messenger consumes six times less mobile data if you compare it with other messaging apps. In case you want to make sure this statement is true, you can conduct an experiment: make a one-minute call via Zangi and any other popular messaging app. Once the calls are over, compare how much mobile data each messenger has consumed. I did my own comparison between Line and Zangi. The results were 374 KB (Line) of mobile data per minute to 134 KB (Zangi). Available Everywhere One of the reasons you are looking for a new messaging app can be that you live in a country where well-known messengers have been blocked. Within last few years, a number of countries have blocked messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc.. This is not the case for Zangi Safe Messenger; it is available everywhere. You should choose this app if you want to make free international calls and more from any part of the World. No Ads Nowadays, every digital product is flooded with annoying ads. We understand that ads are needed to earn money but wouldn’t you want to be able to text your friends without being distracted by any of them? There are no ads in Zangi messenger which makes the entire experience much better for a user. Simple Interface Talking about the user experience, we all prefer a simple and easy-to-use interface instead of a complicated one with a hundred icons. Zangi team has created a very appealing interface for their users. Original Stickers One more reason to uninstall all the messengers from your device and install Zangi Safe Messenger is that they offer a big variety of original and fun stickers. The packages can be downloaded for free. Plus, you can use emojis and animated GIFs to make your conversations more fun. I’ve listed just a few reasons why Zangi Safe Messenger is the best option if you are looking for a new secure messenger. If you messenger download you will find many more advantages and reasons to stick to this messaging app.
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