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by on July 27, 2018
Manage all your savings, investments, spending or loans in one place only with the most powerful and reloaded money manager software New Quicken 2018. It is now available with 2018 version. You can purchase the software by visiting the official website or calling Quicken Tech Support Phone Number. If You are using Quicken software for the business purposes then you can run the financial reports of the data in the Quicken software and you can also export them to Microsoft Excel. But Quicken software is completely different for the MAC customers and for the Windows customers that mean users cannot export the files from MAC to the Windows Excel. In Mac, you can simply send the financial reports to the Excel with the help of the technical experts and if you need to export all the reports without any issue then contact Quicken Support for MAC experts through Quicken Help Number for Mac otherwise follow the below steps to manually deal with this issue. Follow these Steps to Export the Reports to Excel Provided by Quicken Support Open Quicken on your MAC. Access the “accounting software” and also customers want to open the file which they need to export. There is a toolbar click on that and then select on “export data”. Now customers need to choose “to excel compatible format” to make sure that these files will be compatible when they are exported to excel. Enter the new file name in the text box. Insert USB flash drive in Mac USB port. Find the document and transfer it to the USB flash drive. Now in the computer USB port insert the USB Flash Drive and now start the Microsoft suite and open the exported file from the file menu. If customers are still not able to export their reports from the MAC to Excel even after following the steps then they should reach to the Quicken technical experts through Quicken customer support number toll-free +1-800-238-1025.
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