Brent Ceron
by on August 2, 2018
Why do you need the antique furniture in this modern era? Antique furniture definitely has a strong appeal and choosing it for your home can be a rewarding experience. But is it sensible to make vintage furniture, part of your modern homes? Well, when it comes to home furniture, there is frankly no set of fixed rules, you can choose as per the trend, comfort or your taste. However blending antique furniture with modern setting can be tough, only the interior decorating tricks can help you out. Some things never go out of style, old Italian furniture is a great example of it. Even though premium quality modern Italian furniture are impeccably elegant and stylish and designed to suit the current lifestyle, antique Italian furniture has left an indelible mark due to which it is still in rage. So if you are an ardent lover of the warmth, comfort and charm of antique furniture then here are few tricks that will make sure the old furniture generates strong appeal in your modern homes: Consider the comfort level: No matter you choose antique or contemporary furniture, comfort is something which should be on priority. Italian furniture is not only alluring but it offers ease and comfort too. An antique dining table is sure to be attention-grabbing but to add comfort and match with the modern setting incorporate contemporary style chairs with the old style dining table. Don’t buy any furniture piece that only ends up to be showpiece, consider its practicality. If it’s comfortable, then consider investing in it. Paint it antique: The gold, wood and earthy shades reflect traditional Italian home look. The warm wood tones create a harmonious effect. The earthiness in the shades rightly reflects the old world charm. You can also go for cool tones like rich blue which looks antique and blends well with modern home decor. You can also give antique finish to your walls by giving it sandstone or wood-graining effect. Painting the traditional way will look appealing and at the same time match up with the modern interiors without much efforts. Luxurious rustic rugs: The handcrafted vintage era rugs of mixed materials, bright colours and traditional patterns, truly reflect the Italian history. Don’t undervalue it as just a rug as it’s a masterpiece of craftsmanship that finely blends and accents any room. As per the size of your room, you can choose round, rectangle or any available shape of rug. Add modern contrasts: Adding complete traditional Italian furniture will not be as eye-catching as blending it with some modern contrast. Just a single piece of modern art can make a huge difference. The mystical blend of old world and contemporary era enhances the beauty of the room. . Mirror, mirror on the wall: Mirror is more effective and suitable element of past era that goes well with the modern era. Mirror is something which we see daily, placing it behind your antique furniture enhance the space beauty as well as create illusion of space. Usually modern homes come with compact spaces, mirror is a beautiful cum practical antique element that can be added. Find the perfect accents for your home and embrace the blend of old and new Italian charm.
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