Brent Ceron
by on August 3, 2018

Think you’ve incorporated all the best ideas that you could in your ecommerce business? Think again. Online world has changed and grown over the past couple of years. It's all about the website’s google ranking and not about serving the customers. The priority or aim of any business, whether online or offline, is to serve their customers to the best of their capabilities. But very often ecommerce businesses forget that and focus solely on their business statuses online.

The advantages and power of online/internet marketing or search engine optimisation is not being undervalued but the primary purpose of a business is being neglected and it’s important to bring this to notice. SEO activities are as important as smooth website operation, excellent user interface, and an untroubled customer care. Emphasising on only one of them can be detrimental. Web development in Adelaide, New York or in fact anywhere in the world are all invested in the idea of providing exceptional services and making customers want to come back. I think we all should.

Here are a few features that you should add to your online eCommerce business website design for an enhanced customer satisfaction and retention:


What’s in a name, you say? Everything, says psychology. Everyone loves being addressed by their name, it is just a more personal way of addressing someone. Customers want to feel like their experience is personalised and using their names can do just that. Never noticed how marketers always ask for your name first and keep using it while talking to you?

Names are easily provided by people, without them being concerned about personal information getting out, and are easy and quick methods of incorporating your customers in their process.

Your Best

Don’t hesitate to show off your best products or services. As in real life shops, you always want to see what the company has to offer, similarly showcasing your strengths and what you have to offer on the main page helps tremendously. Moreover, there are slothy people around who don’t want to browse through your entire collection and want to see your bestseller, featured or popular products.


First and foremost, you must have product pictures on your website. Upon which you should add the zoom button next to it. The concept of eCommerce business eliminates the tangible aspect of your products or services, hence providing as much information as possible is vital to your customers. Everyone wants to view their products closely when they are out shopping and hence providing this option eases things for your customers, which should be your goal anyway.

Yes, every eCommerce business website is different and require interface solutions that fit them the best but there are certain crucial aspects of web design that can be applied to all company’s web designs. Making things easier and simpler for your customers and visitors is you goal. Clear navigation, easy access to all information and proper descriptions are some of the key functionalities that must be present in your website. Make your customers feel special and always ask them for inputs and feedback, you never know, they might just provide you with the next best idea.

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