Maria Williams
by on August 8, 2018
Here, in this article learn about the cross-references use and how to create in a document while using MS-Word 2016.
Follow the steps as listed below to create cross-references in a document in MS-Word 2016-
1. You need to write the first paragraph or part of the text in cross-references.
Suppose, you have written ‘To get more information in MS-Office, see page **’ and then typed a blank space. This blank space will separate the MS-Word page from the page number in the cross-references.
So, in case you’re referring to a heading then write – “For more information, see”. This time don’t type any blank space because the cross-reference heading text will appear after the double quotation mark.
2. Click on the ‘Cross-Reference’ button on the ‘Reference’ tab.
3. Select what type of item you’re referring in the ‘Reference Type’ drop-down list.
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