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by on August 17, 2018
How to add channels to your Roku streaming device
Roku channel store acts like the App store for Roku streaming devices. App store on other device is used to add new applications but Roku channels store is used to add Roku channels. You can watch paid or unpaid subscription channels like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Starz TV, etc. and browse the Roku channel store directly from the Roku streaming device. You can easily add or remove channels from the Roku channels store by following the steps given below:
1. Pick up your Roku remote and press the home button.
2. Scroll up or down the Roku Home screen and Go to 'Streaming Channels'. Press 'Ok' to open the channel store.
3. Search the channel name in the channel store to find your favorite channel. Select ‘Add Channel’.
4. Before adding, if you want to know something about the channel, press the 'Ok' button on your Roku remote to open the channel details like summary and rating.
5. There are some 'Free' channels on the Roku channel store. These channels you can add or install directly on your Roku streaming device.
6. If the channel is 'Paid ‘on the Roku channels store. Then, firstly you have to need 'Buy' the subscription of the channel by selecting the 'BUY' option and then you can that Add Roku channel.
7. If you have a Roku account 'PIN', then you will be required to enter it. If you don't have Roku account 'PIN' want one then login to account
8. If your Roku account Payment information is expired, you will need to renew or update the information in your Roku account.
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