Aman Khanna
by on August 24, 2018
Doctors make you love your life again. As a doctor, you work day and night without taking a holiday! Therefore, NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv are bringing dental practice financing services to make a doctor’s life simple. When you start your medical practice or think of expanding your present office place, then you need a base to finance your dreams. These financial aids must meet your requirement so that your practice grows and succeeds. To all dental practitioners, unlike small enterprises, you require financial subsidies for almost everything. Starting from office renovation to equipment improvements, you need capital. Most of all, you expect a loan which fits your goals. So, as a dentist, you must avail personalized dental financing options to meet your practice’s specific needs. Here, a doctor loan can come to your rescue. However before applying for the same, do check the eligibility criteria for doctor loan along with other terms and conditions. Why avail dental practice financing? There are times when you can go through rough times owing to increased competition. In these times, as a dentist, you require dental practice financing. This can be for specific reasons like – 1.Marketing campaign 2.Office expansion 3.Normal cash flow 4.Upgrading your dental equipment 5.Building a new clinic 6.Recruiting more staff 7.Paying bills during the slow period Today, there is a wide range of business funding options available. You may get a bit overwhelmed while choosing the right one. You can identify the right loan for your dental practice by considering the following issues first – ●Does the loan prove flexible and fit your requirements? ●Does it maximize your business growth ability and also enable savings? You have to be careful and not end up in taking up loans that hurt your finances. Business loans for doctors have their benefits and trademark features. 1.Designed for your benefit Business loans for doctors are designed to help them succeed. They are easy to avail and hassle-free. Moreover, such loans coming from NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv are personalized to fit in their business requirements. Doctors can purchase the latest medical equipment, hire new professionals and also avail the latest software. Check your eligibility criteria for doctor loan and apply today! 2.Flexible loan facility When you avail a flexible loan facility, you have nothing to worry about. A Flexi Loan facility from Bajaj Finserv lends you a pre-set loan limit for a permanent tenor. You can also choose to pay only the interest on the utilised amount as your EMI. Moreover, you can repay your principal at the tenor’s end. [Note: The tenors usually run from 12 months to around 96 months. They are designed to fit your repaying preferences.] 3.Facilities that make you thrive If you are afraid of paying high charges for part prepayments, then worry no further! Business loans from lenders like Bajaj Finserv do not charge any fee for prepayments. Prepayment of loans can be done when you have excess cash in hand. However, your prepaid sums should not be less than 3 EMIs’ value. There lies no limit on the maximum amount, of course! If you still have doubts, check everything about finance for healthcare here. When you avail dental practice financing or simple business loans for your medical practice from NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv, you get pre-approved offers as well. They offer such schemes on home loans, business loans, personal loans, EMI financing on products and other financial services. Easing down the entire process and saving considerable time, submit necessary details to check your pre-approved offers. This year, as you seek to improve your equipment, assimilate the newest technology and recruit staffs without any anxiety, avail the best business loan for your medical practice and strive for new boundaries!
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