Chloe Thomas
by on September 5, 2018
Clan Stewart (Gaelic: Stiùbhart) is a Highland Scottish clan. The clan is recognized by Court of the Lord Lyon; however, it does not have a clan chief recognized by the Lord Lyon King of Arms. Because the clan has no chief it can be considered an armigerous clan; however, the Earls of Galloway are now considered to be the principal branch of this clan, and the crest and motto of The Earls of Galloway's arms are used in the Clan Stewart crest badge. The Court of the Lord Lyon recognizes two other 'Stewart' clans, Clan Stuart of Bute and Clan Stewart of Appin. Clan Stuart of Bute is the only 'Stewart' clan at present which has a recognized chief. The Stewarts who became monarchs of Scotland were descended from a family who were seneschals of Dol in Brittany, France. After the Norman conquest of England the Stewarts acquired estates in England as the FitzAlan family, also Earls of Arundel.[4] Walter Flaad or Walter fitz Alan, the Steward came to Scotland when David I of Scotland claimed his throne. It is from their office as Stewards that the surname Stewart came.[5] Walter was created High Steward of Scotland and was granted large estates in Renfrewshire and East Lothian.Walter was one of the commanders of the royal army which defeated Somerled of the Isles (ancestor of Clan Donald) at the Battle of Renfrew in 1164.( see Black Stewart Tartan ) And the black Stewart tartan kilt is one of the most popular Scottish tartans in the world. Scottish Black Stewart Tartan Kilt is made from selected range of some of the Best Scottish tartans to offer you a quality garment at an excellent price but with no compromise in traditional quality. Scottish Black Stewart Tartan Kilt has around 5 yards of Black Stewart Acrylic Tartan ( depending on measurements) and is very lighter than the traditional kilts. It is ideal for casual occasions or even for sporting events. Scottish Black Stewart Tartan fabric is very easy to maintain as it is Acrylic wool So you can even clean it at home and requires not extra heavy costs.
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